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Title: 新聞性電視談話節目主持人職場生涯發展之研究
A Study of the Career Developments of Hosts in TV News Discussion Programs
Authors: 楊美雪博士
Keywords: 生涯發展
Career Development
TV News Discussion Program
Intensive Interview
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 台灣有線電視於1993年合法化後,新聞性電視談話節目即隨著英、美國家脫口秀(talk show)腳步成為節目製作的趨勢,且在成本考量下,成本低廉的新聞性電視談話性節目已然成為有線電視頻道的節目主流。身為塑造節目風格中心人物的主持人,無論是在討論議題的選擇或節目流程的掌握上,其影響性也與節目內容,同樣都會受到社會的評價與探討。 為瞭解新聞性電視談話節目主持人職場生涯發展,本研究計劃以深度訪談的方式,對新聞性電視談話節目主持人進行訪談,以瞭解新聞性電視談話節目主持人職場生涯發展的歷程、影響因素、發展的轉進類型與模式,以及職場生涯發展與節目產製的關係。 研究發現,新聞性電視談話節目主持人職場生涯發展,在擔任主持人前,多以新聞記者工作做為職場生涯發展開端,受到內、外在因素影響,以及經過受邀為節目來賓,以及新聞主播等工作經驗,進而接任主持工作;其中內在因素主要為豐富的新聞工作經驗,外在因素則為政治、社會風氣的變化。與節目產製關係上,新聞性電視談話節目主持人參與節目製作程度高,對節目的發展也有高度的主導程度。
After the Taiwanese cable television has been legalized in 1993, TV news discussion programs have become a fad of TV production as in the west countries. In the consideration of cost, the low-budget discussion programs have already become the mainstream of cable television in Taiwan. And both the influence of the host, who represents the style of the program, and the program itself are necessarily under the evaluation and scrutiny of the society in terms of choosing the topic and controlling the rundown of the program. In order to comprehend the career developments of discussion program hosts, this research uses intensive interviews with the hosts to understand the progress, various factors, developing pattern and mode of their career developments. Research shows, before they began to host news discussion programs, most of these hosts started their careers as news reporters. Being invited as guests in similar sort of programs and experienced in news report, they then hosted programs of their own; the internal factor contributed to such a phenomenon is their rich experiences of news reporting, and the external one the change of political and social climate. As for the production, a host is often deeply involved in the process and manipulates the development of the program.
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