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Title: 印刷控制導表數位影像檢測之研究
A Study on Digital Image Inspection of Color Control Strip
Authors: 周遵儒
Tzren-Ru Chou
Hsueh-Ni Cheng
Keywords: 自動光學檢測
Automatic Optical Inspection
Color Control Strip
Digital Image Processing
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 印刷品質與效率提升是現今印刷產業重要課題,而品質檢測技術正處於關鍵地位,由於高速連續印刷可能導致品質變異,若能進行及時的識別與判斷,立即採取適當的調校手段,可大幅改善印刷品質,鑑於傳統品質檢測過程繁複、冗長且缺乏效率,易因人為因素產生誤差,因此,本研究應用數位影像處理技術,分析彩色印刷導表(Color Control Strip)組成項目,個別開發不同檢測模組,進行彩色印刷導表離線檢測,可一次獲得印刷控制導表所有項目資訊,以監控線上印刷缺陷變異,達到降低印刷成本、提升印刷附加價值與產業競爭力目的。
Printing quality and efficiency of today's printing industry an important issue, and the quality of detection technology is at a critical position, as a result of continuous high-speed printing may lead to quality variation, if timely identification and to determine immediately take appropriate adjustment means, can significantly improve printing quality, in view of the traditional quality inspection process complicated, lengthy and inefficient, vulnerable due to human error factors, therefore, the research and application of digital image processing technology, analysis of Color Control Strip the composition of the project, individual development of different detection mode Group to carry out Color Control Strip offline detection, can be a guide to control access to the printing table for all items of information to monitor the online printing defect variation, to reduce printing costs and enhance the added value of printing with the purpose of industrial competitiveness.
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