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Titel: 影響美妝網路社群口碑可信度之研究:以獲得商品方式與訊息類型為因素
E-wom’s Impacts on Consumer Perceived Credibility in Beauty Virtual Community: Effects of Product Source and Message Type
Autoren: 楊美雪
YANG, Mei-Hsueh
CHEN, Yin-Ju
Stichwörter: 美妝網路社群
beauty virtual community
e-wom credibility
message type
product source
Erscheinungsdatum: 2015
Zusammenfassung: 美妝網路社群中,常可見到試用口碑。試用口碑的商品多由廠商提供,與消費者購買後自發性撰寫的口碑不同,但過去較少研究探討獲得商品方式的差異對口碑可信度的影響,故值得細究。此外,過往對口碑訊息類型正/負面、單/雙面何者較能影響可信度,並無一致答案;參考文獻後,本研究認為干擾變項是造成無一致答案的關鍵因素。故藉由實驗法,探討不同獲得商品方式及訊息類型對口碑可信度的影響,並將可能影響口碑可信度之因素納為控制變數,降低干擾。 本研究採二因子組間設計,二因子為:2(獲得商品方式:廠商提供/自己購買)× 3(訊息類型:正面/負面/雙面)。依變數為口碑可信度。控制變數為品牌及產品知名度、網站聲譽、口碑數量、口碑正負順序、口碑豐富度。研究結果顯示,不同獲得商品方式對口碑可信度的影響沒有顯著差異,獲得商品方式、訊息類型組合,並不會交互作用影響口碑可信度;因此,建議美妝業者可多邀請消費者撰寫試用口碑,取代網路寫手操作。研究亦發現,不同訊息類型對口碑可信度影響有顯著差異;亦即,只要控制好干擾變項,雙面口碑可信度會顯著高於單面,正面與負面口碑可信度則無顯著差異。此結果為過往研究正/負面、單/雙面口碑可信度結果的不一致,找出初步的答案。
In virtual community, there are many comments wrote after using samples. Customer wrote e-wom after using sample and buying goods are different in product source, but past studies of e-wom credibility didn't consider the different of product source. Besides, the e-wom credibility of message type has been discussed but without results. They had no agreement that positive or negative, one sided or two sided would be more credible. The problem needs further study and research to reach a consensus. According to the references, we suggest that moderating variables seem to have been the critical factor in causing mixed. Therefore, this study discussed the influence of the product source and the message type on e-wom credibility. The study adopts two factors between-subjects design: 2 ( product source: company / consumer ) × 3 ( message type: positive / negative / two sided). The control variables included brand and product awareness, website reputation, quantity of e-wom, order of e-wom. Through the manipulation of the experiment, we understand how these factors influence e-wom credibility. The results show that product source does not change e-wom credibility significantly. Besides, product source and message type don’t have significant interaction effects on e-wom credibility. According to our findings, we suggest that beauty industry — cosmetic, skin care product, cosmeceutical, etc. — offers free trial for beauty virtual community users and invites them to write comment. It can encourage testers to create buzz about their products. Also, the results show that after controlling for moderating variables, message type has effect on e-womcredibility; moreover, two-sided message produces higher e-wom credibility than one-sided but there is no significant different between positive and negative message.
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