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Title: 以眼球追蹤探討觀眾對自殺新聞警語之注意力
A study on the audience attention to the warnings of suicide news by eye tracking
Authors: 楊美雪
Liu Chia Yun
Keywords: 自殺新聞
Suicide news
Eye tracking
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究將目前電視台最常出現之兩種警語顏色、兩種警語位置、兩種警語內容三組自殺新聞警語呈現形式,透過眼球軌跡追蹤與問卷調查兩種研究方法,探討觀眾對現今新聞自殺警語之注意力,本研究發現如下: 1.「紅色」為觀眾主觀認定印象深刻且會注意到之自殺新聞警語顏色。 2.「左邊」為觀眾主觀認定印象深刻且會注意到之自殺新聞警語位置。 3.「自殺防治專線1995」比「珍惜生命請打1995」自殺新聞警語內容更易引起觀 眾觀看行為。 4.女性比男性投入更多觀看行為在自殺新聞警語上。 5.中、輕度情緒困擾觀眾主觀認定印象深刻之自殺新聞警語內容,要有「珍惜生命」、「請打1995」等關鍵字。
This study will through by eye trajectory tracking and questionnaire survey two research methods to discuss the audience attention about the current suicide warning notices on news. Research will study three groups presented in the form of suicide warnings notices on news: two types of television most common warning notices colours, two warning notice positions, and two kinds of warnings contents. In the study findings are as follows: 1."Red" is the colour and paying attention by audiences impressed and subjective judgments the suicide warning notices on news. 2."Left" is the position and paying attention by the audiences impressed and subjective judgments the suicide warning notices on news. 3.The suicide warnings content on news of "Suicide Prevention Hotline 1995" caused more viewers behavior than “cherish life please call 1995". 4.Female is more active than male when watching warnings of suicide news. 5.Audiences in moderate, mild emotional distress impressed is impressed and subjectively judgements will notice warnings of suicide content on news, there must include keywords "respect for life", "please call 1995".
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