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Title: 互動式廣告看板設計之研究
A Study of Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating of an Interactive Billboard
Authors: 楊美雪
Keywords: 互動式廣告
Interactive Advertising
Human-Computer Interaction
Interaction Design
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 在數位科技發展、互動設計概念興起、廣告看板形式與創意多元化的背景下,激發了研究者對於互動式廣告看板設計的構想。然而目前國內的廣告看板仍多以平面印刷為主,互動式的廣告看板極為罕見,也少為人知。回顧國內舊有的案例則多屬裝置藝術創作,國內外亦較缺乏互動式廣告看板的效益評估研究,難以驗證其傳播模式是否具有效益。故研究者祈望藉由本研究探討互動式廣告看板的設計及互動模式、了解互動式廣告看板的設計過程、評估互動式廣告看板的具體成效。 本研究首先透過文獻分析及專家訪談,初步擬訂一互動式廣告看板製作構想,進而實作此看板系統作為研究工具,將此看板公開展出於台北捷運地下街,透過觀察法及觀者訪談,得知觀者感想及建議,並結論出互動式廣告看板之具體成效。研究發現,觀者對互動廣告看板的喜好反應大致良好,廣告訴求亦能夠順利傳達,然而觀者對互動的感受程度不一,僅約六成的觀者能夠發現看板的互動性,並且對互動有不同的解釋。而在發現看板具互動性的觀者中,約有八成觀者表示喜歡這樣的互動方式。此外,互動式廣告看板在對看板的注意力、理解程度、觀者興趣、觀者意向上皆有具體效益。
With the development of digital technology, the rise of the concept of interactive design,and the diversity of advertising, researchers have been inspired to design interactive billboards. However, most of billboards are plane, so interactive billboard are rarely to be seen. Internally, there are few examples that are interactive art installation. Therefore, it's hard to evaluate the benefit of interactive billboard because of scarceness. So, researchers hope to find out the concrete effects by the way of interactive mode and process of design. First of all, we draw up an outline of interactive billboard via interviewing experts, and carry out this billboard as our tool of research in Taipei MRT. Second, obtain suggestions and impression by viewers and conclude the concrete effects. Consequently, viewers approximately show positive response on interactive billboard. However, just 60% viewers are aware of interaction of the billboard and define the different meaning of interaction; it's about 80% viewers prefer this way of interaction. In conclusion, interactive design indicates obvious profit from attention, comprehension and interest of viewers.
Other Identifiers: G0069272014
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