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Title: 以DMIP平台經營數位影視資訊服務關鍵成功指標之研究
The Study of Key Success Index of Digital Multimedia and Information Services
Authors: 徐言
Keywords: DMIP平台服務
Five Force Analysis
Key Success Factor
Key Success Index
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 網路技術成熟與媒體匯流趨勢,造就三合一(Triple-Play)服務的興起。我國部分電信業都面對電信、DSL 市場日趨飽和,開始提供數位影視多媒體資訊(Digital Multimedia Information)服務,以尋求新的獲利方式。 這類服務利用Intranet或是Internet為傳輸管道,提供數位影視多媒體資訊服務,配合機上盒(Set-Top-Box)轉碼,且終端接收設備為電視機,本研究將其定名為DMIP平台服務(Digital Multimedia Information Platform Service)。 我國目前有中華電信公司的MOD服務,以及數位聯合電信公司的DFC服務,在國際上屬於先行者之列,相關的經營、發展情況都具有指標性的意義,深具研究重要性。 新的平台服務,面對複雜且多元的市場競爭,需要新的經營管理模式,必須瞭解決策時重要的關鍵成功指標。因此本研究以我國DMIP平台服務業者為對象,蒐集相關文獻資料,使用Porter的五力分析架構進行文獻分析,做為求取關鍵成功因素的模式,再藉由業界人士的深度訪談,砲認DMIP平台經營數位影視資訊服務之關鍵成功指標,並給予相關業者建議。 最後研究結論確立「內容層面」、「規模經濟」、「資源運用」、「客戶需求」、「經營模式」等五項為DMIP平台服務之關鍵成功指標。 研究建議業者應維持「潛在新進者」的位置;等待進入機會點為「電視全面數位化」;此外,應特別關注點為「引發周遭之產業效應」;以期業者在進入DMIP平台服務時,能避免不必要的損害,獲得最大的成功效益。
The mature internet technoligy and the trend of media covergence have made the rising of Triple-Play service. Because the DSL marlet was gradually inflated,some telecom companies started to supply the service of Digital Multimedia Information to get new benefit. The intranet and internet are used as transit pipe to supply Digital Multimedia Information, and The Set-Top-Box transforms digital codes to the television. This research would be named Digital Multimedia Information Platform Service. The Multimedia on Demand service of Chunghwa Telecom Company and the Digital Family Center service of Digital United Company are both lead companies in the world. Their relevant managements anddeveloping condition have sigificant meanings for researching. If anew kind of platform service wante to face the complicated marketing competition, it need a new administration way to deal with. The targets in this research are the related DMIP platform service companies,and Porter's Five Forces in the market Analysis way would be used to analyze the relevant information. The in-DEpth interview of relevant people would become one important part in this research. In the end, the analysis of this research would become a suggestion material to the relevant companies. In the final conclusion, there would be five key point such as the conyent, the economies of scale, the material, the customer demand, and managing mode. This research would suggest that the relevant companies should keep their positions potential entrants, and wait the opportunity to totally dogotalize. Besides, they also need to pay attention on "the effect of trigging around"to avoid unnecessary wast when starting to supply DMIPplatform service.
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