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Title: 線上音樂服務產業競爭分析研究
Competitive Analysis of Online Music Service Industry
Authors: 劉幼琍
Keywords: 線上音樂
online music
five force analysis
value net
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 由於數位科技進步,改變了許多產業原本的架構。線上音樂的興起與發展可歸結於兩大原因,一是數位音樂壓縮格式的進步,二是寬頻網路發展。線上音樂服務發展至今已有七年,但直到2003年蘋果電腦推出iTunes音樂商店,線上音樂才蓬勃起來。在iTunes音樂商店的成功後,線上音樂商店爭相成立,每個人都想分食線上音樂這塊大餅。 線上音樂服務為台灣挑戰2008「兩兆雙星」產業計畫中,數位內容發展重點之一。亦為未來寬頻網路應用服務趨勢之一。本研究探討國內線上音樂服務的現況,以文獻分析並配合對國內線上音樂服務業者進行深度訪談,分析產業競爭情形,提出產業競爭策略。 本研究發現,目前付費使用線上音樂的觀念已被接受,線上音樂服務尚在發展初期,未來將會出現更多元的服務。國內線上音樂發展環境不佳,且產業競爭激烈,主要因素在於主導權掌握在唱片公司手上,且未經授權交換仍盛行。而未來應該朝增加顧客規模,尋求唱片公司合作以及建立市場規制三個方向進行。 線上音樂是音樂產業未來發展的一大方向,本研究分析我國線上音樂服務產業的現況以及遭遇到的困境,提供線上音樂服務相關業者作為未來規劃策略參考。
Business models have been changed because of the progress of digital technology. The rising and development of online music can be referred to two major reasons -- the development of digital music compression technology and broadband internet connection. Online music services have existed for seven years, but the market wasn't prosperous until Apple Co. established iTunes Music Store in 2003. After the success of iTunes Music Store, many companies wanted to share the market and established their online music services. This will make the market more and more competitive. In the future, online music services would be the most developing parts in the music industry, because it’s a part of digital content in “The Two Trillion, Twin Stars Plan” and of broadband application services in Taiwan. This paper uses the review of literature and the depth interview of online music service terms in Taiwan. This paper would describe the difficulty in the music industry and analyze the current situation of online music services industry in Taiwan, and it would give suggestion to the related online music service terms for their strategy plans in the future. Paying for online music services have been accepted by most people at present. Online music services have started to show their efficiencies in the industry life cycle, and there will be more and more different services in the future. The whole industry is controlled by the record labels, and unauthorized exchanging is still prevailing. Therefore, the developing environment of online music services was not mature enough in Taiwan, and the related industry companies competed fiercely. In the future, the online music service terms should put their eyes on increasing customer scales, seeking for the cooperation of record labels, and establishing the rule of online music market.
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