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Title: 塑膠射出成型模具設計工程師所需專業能力內涵之研究
study of Professional Competency of Design Engineer to plastic Injection Mold
Authors: 康鳳梅
Keywords: 塑膠射出成型模具設計
Functional Analysis
Functional Map
Professional Competency
Plastic Injection Mold Design
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 摘 要 本研究旨在探討「塑膠射出成型模具設計工程師所需專業能力」之內涵,為達成此研究目的,本研究透過文獻探討、實地訪談、焦點團體、專家審查以及問卷填答等方法進行研究,研究工具則是採用功能分析法,導出其模具設計工程師所需專業能力之樹狀功能圖後,依樹狀功能圖再演繹,導出塑膠射出成型模具設計工程師所需專業能力標準。 本研究獲致之結果,歸納以下: 一、以功能分析法演繹,專家填答重要性問卷和相對權重問卷後,做樹狀功能圖修正,經整理歸納出模具設計工程師所需專業能力樹狀功能圖,應包含一項關鍵目的為「使用電腦軟體從事塑膠射出成型模具之開發設計與製圖、改善製程、規畫加工等工作」。八項主要功能、二十八項次要功能以及八十八項功能單元。每一項功能單元再經功能分析後,導出表現規準二一二項、相關知能六五一項,以建立其專業能力標準。 二、樹狀功能圖經專家相對權重問卷後,利用層級分析(AHP)方法,計算出相對權重值得知,「設計塑膠射出成型模具」能力最為重要。 三、本研究可提供我國培育模具設計開發人力課程項目及其內涵之依據,或做為業界選才之參考。
The purpose of this study is to identify the professional competency items for training a good plastic injection mold designer. To achieve this purpose, the methods of surveying papers and related documents, visiting factories, discussing and reviewing in expert meetings as well as focus groups, and analyzing the questionnaires are used to construct a four-level hierarchical structure of functional map. With the functional analysis approach, the standards of the professional competency of a plastic injection mold designer are subsequently deduced from the functional map. In this paper, the major conclusions are summarized as follows: 1. According to the functional analysis process of the reciprocal weights and the important scales of experts’ questionnaires, the proposed key purpose of the hierarchical functional map is to “use computer software to realize the development design, layout drawing, production improvement, manufacture plain of the plastic injection mold.” It can be divided into 8 major functional items, 28 sub functions, and 88 functional units in the second level, the third level, and the forth level, respectively. After each functional unit is analyzed by the functional analysis process, the functional map can deduce the final professional outcomes of 212 items of performance criteria and 651 items of related knowledge and skills. 2. During the process of analyzing the functional map and the experts’ questionnaires, the algorithm of analytic hierarchical process (AHP) is applied to calculate the values of reciprocal weights of all major functions, sub functions, and functional units. After the important degrees of each level are generated by AHP, the most important major function is to “possess the design talent of the plastic injection mold.” 3. The requirements of this study are very practical and helpful for training a mold designer in schools or vocational training centers and a best guideline for editing a training curriculum.
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