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Title: 高級中等學校推動民間參與學校建設之研究
A study of senior and vocational high schools on promoting private participation in school facilities
Authors: 田振榮
Keywords: 高級中等學校
senior and vocational schools
private participation
school facilities
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討高級中等學校推動民間參與學校建設之實施狀況及其問題,實施狀況包括推動之緣由、參與情形、學校特質、推動過程中計畫、招商執行、簽約及監督管理階段等,是否達成預期目標,而提出可行策略,以做為推動促參案件之參考。 為達成研究目的,本研究採用質性研究-個案研究,針對四個個案研究學校,藉由文件檔案分析及校長和總務主任之半結構式訪談,歸納出高級中等學校推動民間參與學校建設之可行策略,以獲致主要結論如下: 一、配合政府促參政策和解決學校經營困難及提昇教育品質,是推動促參案件的緣由。 二、學校利害關係人積極參參是推動促參案件的必備條件。 三、校長領導和學校特質影響促參案件之推動。 四、周詳的可行性評估是推動促參案件首要任務。 五、精確的先期規劃作業是推動促參案件核心課題,影響計畫目標之達成。 六、吸引好的潛在投資廠商,必須有周全的招商執行規劃。 七、公平、公正、公開的甄審和評決,是最優申請人的最佳保障。 八、完善的契約是雙方權利和義務之依據,是推動促參案件成功的必要條件。 九、周全的監督管理與績效評估機制是落實促參案件品質的保證。 最後,基於以上研究結論,本研究針對教育行政主管機關和學校及未來研究等方面提出若干建議,可提供高級中等推動民間參與學校建設時之參考。
The research aimed to probe into the implementation and problems encountered in promoting private participation by senior and vocational schools. The aspects of the implementation included the reasons for promoting private participation, school characteristics, the promotion process, which contains phases of planning, recruiting manufacturers, signing contracts, supervising, evaluating effects to see if the project objectives have been accomplished. The research then suggested feasible strategies to serve as a reference for promoting private participation. In order to reach the research goal, the research adopted qualitative research method—case study. Through document analysis and semi-structured interviews with the principals and directors of general affairs from four schools, the research proposed several practical strategies for the promotion of private participation by senior and vocational schools. The major results were summarized below: 1.To follow the Law of Private Participation, to solve the difficulties of school administration, and to improve education quality are the reasons for promoting private participation. 2.The active involvement of school stakeholders is a required condition for promoting private participation. 3.Principal leaderships and school characteristics influence the promotion of private participation. 4.A thorough feasibility evaluation is the primary task in promoting private participation. 5.Precise early implementation scheme is the core issue in promoting private participation, which has an effect on the achievement of project objectives. 6.To attract good potential manufacturers interested in investment, there must be a thorough implementation plan for recruiting manufacturers. 7.Fair and open selection, evaluation, and decision are the best guarantee for the most advantageous applicants. 8.A well-written contract is the basis that regulates the rights and duties of both sides, an essential condition of success in promoting private participation. 9.A complete supervision and effect-evaluation system is the guarantee that ensures the quality of cases of private participation promotion. Lastly, based on the above-mentioned conclusions, the research provided several suggestions for educational administrators, schools, and future research; these conclusions served as reference for senior and vocational schools in promoting private participation in school facilities.
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