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Title: 個人特質影響技專學生使用手機學習英文字彙之行為意圖:以學習自我效能、焦慮與後設認知之驗證性研究
Individual Characteristics Affect the Intention of Technological Students to Use Mobile Devices in English Vocabulary Learning: A Confirmatory Study in Relation to Learning Self-efficacy, Anxiety, and Metacognition
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon-Chao
Tai, Kai-Hsin
Keywords: 科技接受模式
Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Mobile learning
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究藉由Davis (1989)提出的科技接受模式(Technology Acceptance Model, TAM)來了解技專學生使用「學英文@師大」App學習英文字彙的行為意圖。研究採用立意取樣的方式進行問卷調查,共回收243份問卷,利用結構方程模式(SEM)檢定本研究的假設。本研究將五個外部變項分成三個模式探討其對於科技接受模式的影響,研究結果顯示學習自我效能愈好者對於「學英文@師大」App的易用性認知及有用性認知愈高;英文學習焦慮愈高者對於「學英文@師大」App的易用性認知及有用性認知愈高,而手機學習焦慮愈高者對於「學英文@師大」App的易用性認知也愈高;網路資訊認知能力愈低者對於使用「學英文@師大」App的易用性認知及有用性認知愈高,而後設認知愈高者對於使用「學英文@師大」App的易用性認知及有用性認知也愈高。此外,研究對象對於「學英文@師大」App的易用性及有用性認知也會影響其使用「學英文@師大」系統的態度及使用的行為意圖。依據研究發現,建議未來可以繼續開發相關的學習App,讓學習者可以更方便的使用行動學習。
Through Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), this study aimed to explore the intention of students on using mobile to learn English vocabulary. The questionnaire-survey adopted the purposive sampling method, and 243 questionnaires has been returned. In this study, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was the statistic way to confirm the hypotheses. The five external variables have been separated into three models to explore theeffect of TAM. According to the result, participants who had higher learning self-efficacy, English learning anxiety, mobile learning anxiety, and metacognition might had higher cognition of using EVL@S. In addition, participants who had lower Internet cognitive fatigue might also had higher cognition of using EVL@S. Besides, participants’ cognition of using EVL@S might also influence the attitude, and intention of using EVL@S in English vocabulary learning. Hence, the conclusion suggested that creating more Apps can enable learners to have a convenient mobile learning.
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