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Title: 以科技接受理論評估公務人事行政體系之數位學習網站
Examing the Users' TechnoloAcceptance Model on Taiwan government e-learning settings
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon-Chao
Lin, Ya-Shan
Keywords: 數位學習
Technology Acceptance Model
government e-learning settings
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究藉由科技接受模式(technology acceptance model, TAM)來了解公部門數位學習網站,提出十六項假設,重新檢視數位學習平台的網站品質對公務人員是否影響其學習效果。本研究採用立意取樣方式進行問卷調查,請國家文官學院、地方行政研習中心中心與公務人力發展中心三個單位的負責人以推薦學員名單進行問卷填寫,樣本以最近在實體上課的學員,協助填答。問卷總共發放930份問卷,經回收樣本進行篩選後有效回收樣本,總計共計575份,有效回收率達62%。經由統計分析得到以下的結論,在結構方程模式(SEM)檢定假設部分,結果驗證軟體內容設計、軟體介面設計與專注力三個變數都會影響TAM模式,則認知易用性對認知有用性會受到公務人員是否有選擇與工作有關的課程,選擇有關工作的課程對於認知有用性就會愈高。在敘述性統計分析得知,公務人員對於軟體內容設計是重視「使用者控制」、「考慮學習者接受程度」、「學習動機引起好奇心」、「自主學習」、「目標性」與「多媒體影音」這幾個構面,而軟體介面設計則在意「系統穩定性」、「豐富的教材」、「多媒體影音」、「詞句需具有親和力」、「使用者控制」與「介面設計」這幾個要素,因此,政府未來可更用心於這幾個項目,讓公務人事行政體系所開發的數位學習網站愈來愈好。
Through TAM (technology acceptance model), this study is aimed to explore digital learning websites of publics sectors with 16 assumptions, in order to re-examine whether learning platforms affect the employees’ learning outcomes. It is a questionnaire-survey study adopting the judgement sampling method at the beginning, while inviting National Academy of Civil Service, Regional Civil Service Development Institute, and Civil Service Development Institute as the targets fulfilling the questionnaires. The return rate was 62% with 575 valid shares out of 930. The results showed that Software Content Design, Software Interface Design, and Concentration variables had influences on the TAM, whilst Perceived Ease of Use (PEU) were interacted with Perceived Usefulness (PU) based on the relevance between jobs and the courses they choose; and generally, selecting courses more related to their jobs resulting in higher PU values. Judging from the Descriptive Statistics analysis, public sector employees focused more on aspects such as user control, acceptance, motivation, self-learning, target, and media while considering Software Content Design, but being more concerned about system stability, context, media, clear& user-friendly tone and language, user control, and user interface while facing Software Interface Design issues. In sum, it is suggested by the results that paying more attention to items mentioned above might benefit the governmental policies, enabling digital learning platforms developed by the administrative departments of public sectors become more and more progressed in the current future.
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