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Title: 企業教育訓練評估過程之研究-以臺灣筆記型電腦產業為例
A Case Study toward Evaluation Process of Notebook Industry’s Education Training in Taiwan
Authors: 胡茹萍
Hu, Ru-Ping
Chen, Yu-Lin
Keywords: 企業教育訓練
enterprise’s education training
education training process
notebook industries in Taiwan
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本論文主要目的是在探討臺灣筆記型電腦之企業實施教育訓練方式、及進行教育訓練後評估的項目與方法,以兩家臺灣筆記型電腦企業為研究個案,藉由探索性的個案訪談方法進行研究,並針對研究發現提出結論與建議。以下為本研究之結論: 一、企業實施教育訓練之方式為工作中訓練、工作外訓練及自我啟發。 二、對受訓學員訓練後「反應」之評估項目,以講師講授方式、課程設計與安排、教材資料、教學方法、教學內容為主。 三、在受訓學員「學習效果」之評估項目,為重視學員知識的增長。 四、評估學員受訓後「工作行為」層面改變的項目以將受訓內容應用、轉化於工作職務上為重點。 五、企業教育訓練對「企業整體成效」層面之影響較難評估。 六、企業教育訓練評估的方法,其依評估項目的不同採用不同的方法。
The main purpose of this study was to explore the two notebook’s enterprises in Taiwan on the way of education and training, and used what evaluative items and methods to evaluate the education and training. This study conducted by research with the case method of the exploring type, in accordance with finding proposes the conclusion and suggestion. The conclusion of this study the following: 1.On the job training, off the job training, and self-development are the way of Taiwan’s notebook enterprises carry on the education and training. 2.To evaluate the received training employee’s training reaction item is the way a professor lecturer, curriculum design and arrangements, materials, teaching methods, content-based teaching. 3.The enterprises respected the growth of knowledge on the received training employee’s learning efficiency. 4.The enterprises respected the application of training content into the work of positions on the received training employee’s training working behavior. 5.Enterprises education and training of "the overall effectiveness of enterprise" wass more difficult to evaluate. 6.Different evaluation items used different evaluation methods on the education and training.
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