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Title: 我國高職生職業選擇考量因素之研究
Authors: 許全守教授
Keywords: 職業價值觀
vocational value
affecting factors on occupational selection
vocational counseling
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 摘要 本研究基於Super的職業價值觀,融入Holland的類型論與Erikson的社會心理發展理論與國內相關研究之文獻分析結果,發展「高職生職業選擇考量因素」之調查問卷,探討高職生職業選擇考量因素之重視程度與差異情形。採立意取樣,問卷調查97學年度高職三年級在學的學生,獲得有效回收問卷496份(80.52%)。問卷回收依研究之性別、工讀經驗、未來規劃、父母教育程度、學校別及學校區域別等變項,以單一樣本t考驗、獨立樣本t考驗、單因子變異數分析等統計方法,進行資料分析,獲致結果如下: 一、我國高職生職業選擇考量因素涵括有七個層面計有36個組成要素。 二、高職生選擇職業時,最重視「穩定與安全」、「自主與成就」及「報酬 與福利」等三個層面,較不重視「工作環境」、「變異性」等二個層面。 三、高職生背景變項在職業選擇考量因素層面的差異分析: (一)女生較男生重視工作環境。 (二)選擇升學的學生對職業選擇考量因素較具正面性。 (三)南部學校的學生較重視人際互動。 四、高職生職業選擇12項優先考量的要素,依序為1.固定的薪水;2.工作安全; 3.休假制度;4.工作穩定不易被解僱;5.有工會組織;6.有退休金;7.福利與 分紅制度;8.績效獎金制度;9.成就感;10.獲得他人肯定;11.能符合興趣; 12.工作時段能符合自己生活作息等要素。 最後根據研究結論對政府單位、學校、企業與後續研究者提出具體之建議。 關鍵字:職業價值觀、職業選擇因素、職業輔導
Based on the integration of vocational values of Super with Theory of Types of Holland, psychosocial developmental theory of Erikson and the analysis of related research, the researcher developed the questionnaire, “questionnaire on the factors of occupational selection for vocational high school students,” which investigated how much the affecting factors influenced occupation selection for high school students and the difference among all the factors. Done by the third-grader of vocational high school students in 2009, and selected by means of purposive sampling, the questionnaire got total 496 copies (80.52%) of effective feedback. According to variables such as gender, working experience, future plan, parental education, difference in schools and regional differences, the researcher analyzed the collected data through t-test, one-way ANOVA, the results are as follows. 1. There are 36 affecting factors of the occupational selection for vocational high school students with 7 aspects included. 2. Presently, the aspects which vocational high school students’ value most are stability and security, autonomy and achievement, reward and welfare and they regard working conditions and variables as less important. 3. The differences analyzed according to the background variables in vocational high school students’ all affecting factors of occupational selection are: (1) Females value working environment more than males. (2) Those who choose to go on with their study hold a more positive attitude towards the affecting factors. (3) Those students in the southern region of Taiwan value the interaction of personal relation more. 4. There are 12 items which vocational school students put in first priority. They are arranged in order of mean value: (1) stable salary, (2) working safety,(3) system for leave,(4) working stability without being laid off easily,(5) union organization,(6) system for pension,(7) welfare and bonus,(8) performance bonus,(9) sense of achievement,(10) recognition from others,(11) meeting with personal interest,(12) working hours in accordance with personal routines. In the end, according to the conclusions of the research, the researcher brings forth specific suggestions to schools, industries, and researchers for future study.
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