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Title: 高級職業學校品牌管理現況之研究
Authors: 宋修德 博士
Keywords: 高職
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討高級職業學校品牌管理之現況,為達本研究之研究目的,首先透過文獻探討,建立研究的整體架構,繼而發展「高級職業學校品牌管理現況調查問卷」,進行資料的蒐集。 本研究以台灣本島公私立高級職業學校教師為母群體,進行分層叢集抽樣調查。共發出問卷630份,有效回收399份,有效樣本回收率為63.3%。所得資料以單一樣本t考驗、獨立樣本t考驗、單因子變異數分析及雪費法等統計方式進行統計分析。獲得研究結果如下: 一、高職教師對學校品牌管理的五個構面及總體的知覺程度屬於中立意見至符合程度之間。 二、校長及學校一級主管(教務主任、學務主任等),對五個構面及學校品牌管理的總體知覺程度高於一般教師。 三、海事、藝術、農業類教師在「品牌忠誠度」的知覺程度優於一般科目教師。 四、任教學校校齡61年以上教師在「知覺品質」的知覺程度優於任教學校校齡「40年以下」、「41-50年」、「51-60年」的教師。 五、私立學校教師在「品牌知名度」的知覺程度優於公立學校教師。 六、學校位置於東區之教師在「品牌知名度」、「知覺品質」及「學校品牌管理總體表現」的知覺程度較學校位置於北區、中區、南區教師低。 最後針對研究發現與結論,分別就相關主管行政機關、學校及後續研究者提出建議事項,俾供參考。
This study aimed to explore the brand management of vocational high schools. To achieve this study , literature review were firstly applied to establish the overall framework of this study. A questionnaire method was used to collect data. The instrument -“ the study of the brand management of vocational high schools” was developed and carried out. The population (the main study group)were the teachers of the public and private vocational high schools in Taiwan. 630 questionnaires were distributed and 399 useful questionnaires were returned, accounting for a valid return of 63.3%. The one sample t-test, independent t-test, one-way analysis of variance(ANOVA), and Scheffe’ were applied to test the hypotheses of this research. After statistics analysis, the major results were concluded as follows. 1. The results of data analysis indicate that teachers’ perception on the total implementation and the five factors is between the level of “intermediate” and “agree”. 2. The principals and director-generals of vocational high schools have higher perception level of agreement in the total implementation and the five factors. 3. The teachers of marine, agriculture and art have higher perception level of agreement in the “ brand loyalty” than general subject teachers. 4. The schools’ history over 61 years that the teachers have higher perception level of agreement in the “perceived quality” than those under 60 years. 5. The teachers in private schools have higher perception level of agreement in the “ brand awareness” than those in the public schools. 6. The teachers in the east district have less sensitive perception level of agreement in the “brand awareness”, “perceived quality”, and the total implementation than those in the north, middle and south district. Finally, certain conclusions and suggestions for schools, education administration authorities, and further study were presented and proposed.
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