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Title: 我國高級職業學校資料處理科學生應具備專業能力之研究
The Study of Student’s Professional Competency for Department of Data Processing in Senior Vocational High School in Taiwan (R.O.C)
Authors: 饒達欽
Keywords: 資料處理科
data processing major
professional ability of handling information technology
Delphi technique
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在發展高級職業學校資料處理科畢業生畢業時所需具備的「資料處理專業能力之項目」,為達研究目的,本研究運用學科轉換法與德懷術(Delphi Technique)問卷調查針對大專院校講師、企業界中層主管與高職資料處理科教師等作研究對象,本研究主要結論摘要如下: 1. 資料處理科資訊能力部分共六個單元和一百五十八項專業基本能力:其中「非常重要之基本能力」,共計有八項;「重要之基本能力」,計有一百四十一項;「普通之基本能力」,共計有九項。 2. 我國現行標準主要著重於資訊深入專業課程部分如:程式語言、微算機系統等,然資料處理科與資訊科學生最大不同點在於資處科主要以基礎文書、資料的處理,故在課程安排及規劃上仍可稍作調整。 3. 目前學校主要著重於升學的考量,而忽略學生的專業能力及產業界的需求,故本研究對照日、英及國際資訊標準發現,目前國際主要資訊基本能力是以程式應用、文書處理與網路運用為主,故學校應可將這些列入學習重點,並輔導學生參加檢定考取證照以增強學生的競爭能力。
The purpose of this research aims at investigating into the senior vocational high school graduates’ ability to deal with information technology. In order to reach the purpose of the research, the investigative method of this research is based on subject shift method and Delphi technique questionnaire investigation. This investigation targets at interviewing with college teachers, managers of middle position in industrial companies, and teachers of information technology in senior vocational high schools as the major interviewees. Main conclusions of the research are as follows: 1. The ability to deal with information data could be divided into six units and 158 items of basic professional ability. Among these items , there are 9 extremely important basic ability testing items , and 141 important basic ability testing items also , 9 Common basic ability testing items are found. 2. The significant goal of Taiwan’s informational education lies in integrating professional knowledge into the information courses. For example, program language, microcomputer system are we did to be interactively combined. However, students of Data Processing major and information technology major have different abilities . Students of Data Processing major are good at dealing with basic word and excel data, and information handling. Therefore, the curriculum for students of Data Processing major and information technology major should be designed differently and adjusted appropriately. 2. So far as the educational system nowadays is concerned, helping students to get into an advanced level of education is still the most concerned issue in Taiwna. For this reason, students’ other professional ability and knowledge for enter the industrial market are easily neglected. Therefore, this research aims at investigating into students’ professional knowledge in information in countries like Japan and UK. For example, knowledge about program application, data processing and internet application are combined into their educational courses of informational technology. Therefore, school system in Taiwan can emulate them and further help students to take part in some testing exams that certificate their professional knowledge in information area so as to improve their professional competency.
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