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Title: 以科技接受模式探討高職學生對餐飲英文詞彙能力檢測系統接受度之研究
The Study on Vocational High School Students’ Acceptable Level to-ward Culinary English Vocabulary Capability Assessment System Rely on Theoretical Base of Technology Acceptance Model
Authors: 戴建耘
Keywords: 餐飲英文詞彙能力檢測系統
culinary English vocabulary capability assessment system
computerized examination
technology acceptance model
item analysis
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究主旨在透過「餐飲英文詞彙能力檢測系統」探討高職餐飲科學生的專業英語能力及對測評系統的接受程度。本研究以科技接受模式作為理論基礎,所發展的「餐飲英文字彙能力檢測系統接受度」量表由「知覺易用性 」、「知覺有用性」、「使用態度」、「使用意願」等構面所組成。經問卷調查法,透過立意取樣以使用「餐飲英文詞彙檢測系統」的學生為對象,獲得有效樣本221份。資料處理採描述性統計、差異性分析與迴歸分析,研究發現為: 1. 不同「性別」的高職餐飲科學生在「知覺易用性」與「知覺有用性」呈現顯著差異。 2. 知覺易用性對知覺有用性有正向預測力;知覺易用性與知覺有用性對於使用態度有正向預測力;使用態度對使用意願有正向預測力。 本研究所探討之高職餐飲科學生對餐飲英文詞彙檢測系統的接受度分析結果,可提供教育單位應用「餐飲英文詞彙能力檢測系統」強化學生專業英語字彙能力,提供決策輔助資訊。
The purpose of this study aimed to explore the acceptable level of vocational high school culinary students toward “Culinary English Vocabulary Capability Assessment System”. The developed instrument “Culinary English Vocabulary Capability Assessment System Acceptable Level Scale” consisted of 5 domains including “Perceived of Ease of Use”, “Perceived Usefulness”, “Attitude toward Using”, and “Usage Intention”. A survey method was employed to obtain research data via users of “Culinary English Vocabulary Capability Assessment System”. Total 221 valid samples were retrieved from database. Descriptive analysis, analysis of variance, and regression analysis were used for statistical process. The research findings as following: 1. Gender group mean scores comparison reached significant level on do-main of “Perceived of Ease of Use”, and “Perceived Usefulness”. 2. The “Perceived of Ease of Use” can predict “Perceived Usefulness” positively; “Perceived of Ease of Use” and “Perceived Usefulness” can predict “Attitude toward Using” positively; and “Attitude toward Using” can predict “Usage Intention” positively. The analysis results of exploring vocational high school culinary students’ acceptable level toward “Culinary English Vocabulary Capability Assessment System” can provide supporting information for decision making to enhance students’ professional English vocabulary capability via “Culinary English Vo-cabulary Capability Assessment System”.
Other Identifiers: GN060170015H
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