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Title: 以整合模型評估影響雲端服務系統之 採用因素與策略改善
Using the Integration Models for Evaluating the Improvement Strategies of Cloud Service System Adoption
Authors: 黃啟祐
Huang, Chi-Yo
Ting, Yen-Hsiang
Keywords: 雲端運算
Cloud Computing Technology
Task-Technology Fit (TTF)
Information System Success Model (ISSM)
DEMATEL based Network Process (DNP)
Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 資訊與通訊技術的快速發展及消費性電子產品的快速普及帶動雲端運算技術的進步與普及。然而,雲端運算的評估與應用一直是企業內資訊科技經理人的重大挑戰。就雲端運算系統而言,雖然全球已有不少大型企業建置,但一般企業仍有許多考慮因素,故分析與評估雲端運算技術對公司之適合度與是否能成功導入非常重要。唯過去少有相關文獻由技術適配與資訊系統兩構面探討技術採用與否,因此,本研究首先將回顧任務技術適配度、資訊系統成功模式與雲端運算相關文獻,探討影響企業導入雲端運算技術及資訊系統是否成功之重要因素,除藉由決策實驗室網路流程分析法歸納專家意見,建構因素間之因果關係與各因素之權重外,並同時以結構方程模型調查一般雲端系統使用者的意見作為比較,最後使用VIKOR法,訂定提升雲端運算之技術適合度與雲端服務系統成功之策略。本研究將邀集資訊科技專家針對中華電信所提供之雲端運算服務進行之實證分析,並調查影響企業使用者採用雲端服務之重要因素。實證結果顯示從產業專家的角度而言,使用者滿意度為最重要者,採用策略上以資源彈性、降低成本、整合策略為最佳。本研究結果將可為雲端服務廠商研發與行銷策略訂定之依據,也可作為分析其它資訊系統採用與系統成功建立策略之用。
The advances in information and communication technology (ICT) and rapidly diffused novel consumer electronics products increase demands accelerates the adoptions of cloud computing applications. However, evaluation and application of cloud-based applications is always challenging for information technology (IT) managers’ decisions of technology adoption. Though some leading firms have already adopted the cloud computing based systems, a lot of firms still have barriers to do so. Therefore, an analysis and evaluation of factors influencing the adoption and the final success of the cloud service based systems are very critical. However, past researches on related issues are very limited. Thus, this research aims to develop an analytic framework to derive critical factors influencing the adoption and the final success of the cloud based systems. At first, the literature being related to the Task-Technology Fit Model (TTF), Information System Success Model (IS Success Model) as well as recent advances in the cloud computation technology will be reviewed. Then, a multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) framework consisting of the Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) based Network Process (ANP) will be introduced for constructing the decision problem and deriving weights versus each criterion based on experts’ opinions. Further, the theoretical framework and corresponding hypotheses will be tested based on business users’ opinions by using the structural equation modeling (SEM) method. Finally, the VlseKriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje (VIKOR) as the tool for ranking the alternatives will be proposed for defining strategies for enhancing the adoption as well as information system success rate. An empirical analysis based on the cloud computation services being provided by China Telecom Corp. Taiwan will be used for verifying the feasibility of the analytic framework. The empirical study based on industrial experts present that user satisfaction is the most important. In adoption strategies that resources flexibility, low cost, and integration are the best. The results of this research can serve as the basis for marketing and R&D strategy definitions for cloud computation service providers. The analytic framework can also serve as the basis for strategy definitions aiming to enhance the adoption rate as well as successes of other information systems.
Other Identifiers: GN060070051H
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