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Title: IPv6應用與發展分析之研究
IPv6 Application and Development Analysis of Research
Authors: 周明
Jou, Min
Chen, Jian-Shen
Keywords: IPv6
IP Address Translation
Network Security
Questionnaire Design
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 隨著資訊網路不斷蓬勃發展萬物聯網的時代來臨,使得原先IPv4位址不足問題比預估的時間更是提早發生了。因此,早在1998年制定了IPv6的版本,將舊有IPv4裡不合時宜的功能修改以及新增選項欄位。 估的在理論上要完成IPv4移轉至IPv6主要有三種方式可協助轉換,例如雙協定機制、隧道機制和網路位址轉換機制,資訊人員可依照不同的網路環境選擇適當的轉換方法,但目前網路環境已形成龐大且複雜的IPv4互聯網,使得IPv6推廣問題一直無法有突破性的發展。因此本論文一開始針對IPv6的功能性包含近年來所修正的項目整理,並且和IPv4做個比較。在安全性部分則是著重在IPv4移轉IPv6的過程中,可能面臨的攻擊做初步的探討。 估的最後,本研究提出五個問卷設計的構面,經由預試結果修正部分題項,待正式施測後將研究數據做客觀的分析與推論,可提供對IPv6議題有興趣之後續研究者及推廣人員做為參考與建議。
Along with the Internet and technology keep prospering, almost everything is online nowadays. It caused the issue that IPv4, not having enough addresses, happened earlier than estimated. IPv6, therefore, was established as early as in 1998. It modified the outdated functions and added new option fields. daIn theory, there are three main ways to complete the conversion from IPv4 to IPv6:Dual-Stack mechanism, Tunneling mechanism and Network Address Translator(NAT) mechanism. It staff can choose the best conversion method based on the network environment. The current IPv4 network, however, is already huge and complicated. It made IPv6 difficult to be adopted. This thesis, therefore, is starting from organizing recent IPv6 modulations and comparing with IPv4. In terms of security, it includes a preliminary study that focuses on the possibility of being hacked during the process of converting IPv4 to IPv6. daFinally, this study proposes five questionnaires in different aspects. After amending some questions according to the preliminary test result, the official test result will be analyzed and deduced. This can provide future researchers who are interested in this topic with references and suggestions about IPv6.
Other Identifiers: GN060070034H
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