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Title: 高職數學教師教學信念與教學成敗歸因 關係之研究
The Relationship between Teaching Beliefs and Teaching Attributions of Mathematics Teachers in Vocational High Schools
Authors: 郭金國
Kuo, Chin-Guo
Keywords: 高職數學教師
vacational mathematics teacher
teaching beliefs
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過問卷調查方法,探討高職數學教師的教學信念與教學成敗歸因的情況、差異與相關情形。為達成研究目的,本研究先行透過文獻探討,建構理論基礎,並據以編製 「高職數學教師教學信念與教學成敗歸因之調查問卷」。教學信念分為知識與課程、師生互動關係、教師扮演角色、學生個別差異四構面;教學成敗歸因分為內在因素、外在因素和學生因素。從問卷調查所得資料透過次數分配、平均數、標準差、t檢定分析、單變量變異數分析、相關分析等統計處理及分析後,得到許多重要結論,包括:一、高職數學教師的教學信念傾向於進步取向,且普遍認為學生全心投入學習是教學成敗的關鍵。二、高職數學教師的教學信念因年齡、年資、擔任職務與任職地區不同而略有差異。三、高職數學教師的教學成敗歸因會因性別、年齡、教育程度、擔任職務、任教地區與學校規模的不同而有差異。四、高職數學教師的教學信念、教學成敗歸因具有正相關性。
This study aims to explore vocational mathematics teachers' beliefs and teaching success of the current state along with its difference and relationship through survey methods. To achieve the purpose, this study first construct theoretical basis through digging into literature and according to the thus mentioned actions the questionnaire about vocational mathematics teachers’ beliefs and the attribution of teaching success was made. Teaching beliefs into knowledge and curriculum, interaction between teachers and students, teachers, role playing, students of individual differences four dimensions ; teaching Attribution divided into internal factors, external factors and student factors.These survey information through frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation, t-test analysis, oneway analysis of variance, correlation analysis, such statistical processing and analysis, has been able to help come up with many important conclusions. 1.vocational mathematics teachers' beliefs tend to be progressive, and generally believe that students devotion is the key to teaching success. 2.vocational mathematics teachers 'beliefs differ due to teachers' personal factors and environmental factors. 3.vocational mathematics teachers' beliefs, and their teaching attribution to are often relevant. 4.vocational mathematics teachers'   beliefs are also often relevant to its reason for teaching success. 5.vocational mathematics teachers' beliefs are also often relevant to its reason for teaching failure.
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