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Title: 雙線圈式無線充電系統設計與製作
Design and Implementation of Double Coils Wireless Charger
Authors: 徐昊杲
How-Gao Hsu
Wei-Cheng Kao
Keywords: 無線充電
wireless charger
double coils
Wireless Power Transmission
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本論文主要設計與製作雙線圈式之無線充電系統,內文提出無線充 電系統元件之設計。利用考畢子振盪電路製作發射器,整流濾波及倍壓 電路製成接收器,提供符合USB 規範之5V 電壓,接收器分為單線圈式 與雙線圈式。最後實測可將電子設備進行充電,且雙線圈式較單線圈式 好,但充電時間不盡理想,最高之充電電流為30mA。
This thesis provides a transmitter on the base of Colpitts Oscillator. The single coils and double coils receiver supports USB POWER (5V) by using charge-pump circuit. Above all, the double coils receiver is better than the single coils one, and the max current is 30mA. However the charging time is not so ideal.
Other Identifiers: GN060070008H
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