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Title: 北部地區大學生依附型態與人際溝通能力之相關研究-以Facebook為例
A Study on the Relationship between Attachment Style and Interpersonal Communication Competence of College Students in Northern Taiwan -The Cases of Facebook
Authors: 莫懷恩
Huai-en, Mo
Keywords: 臉書
attachment style
interpersonal communication competence
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究的目的在於瞭解不同背景的北部地區私立大學生在臉書使用上的依附型態與人際溝通能力之關係。以台灣北部地區三所私立大學為研究對象,採取便利抽樣的方式,回收465份有效問卷,分別採取單因子變異數分析、積差相關、獨立樣本t檢定與迴歸等考驗各項研究假設,並回答研究問題,並做成以下結論。 研究結果顯示,大學生在有困難時,大部分的朋友都會幫忙,也會與朋友分享個人感受,Facebook已成為能代替傳統聯絡方式。使用Facebook越久的時間,其逃避依附越高。Facebook的好友人數越多,安全依附越高,好友人數越少,排除依附越高。每天使用Facebook的時間越長,焦慮依附與排除依附越高。每天使用Facebook和朋友實際互動的時間,互動時間越長,安全依附與焦慮依附越高。高年級溝通知識方面,高於低年級。Facebook的好友人數越多,溝通動機與溝通技巧越好。每天使用Facebook的時間越久,溝通動機與溝通技巧越高。每天使用Facebook和朋友實際互動的時間越長,人際溝通能力越高。依附型態與人際溝通能力,有「正向」的關聯性。依附型態能有效預測人際溝通能力。
The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship of different backgrounds in the northern part of the private college students use Facebook on attachment styles and interpersonal communication competences. In the northern part of Taiwan's three private universities for the study, take convenience sampling method, recycling 465 valid questionnaires were taken ANOVA analysis, product-moment correlation, and other independent sample t test and regression test various hypotheses, and answer research questions, and made the following conclusions. The results show that students have difficulties, most of their friends will help, and share personal feelings with friends, Facebook has become a substitute for the traditional contact details.The longer the time to use Facebook, the higher its escape dependency.The more the number of Facebook friends, the higher the security dependence, the less number of friends, excluding the higher dependence. The longer use Facebook every day time, the higher the anxiety attached and the exclusion of dependency. Studies using actual daily Facebook friend interaction time, the longer the interaction time, the higher the security dependence and anxiety attached. Communication and knowledge of high-grade,higher than the lower grades. The more the number of Facebook friends, motivation and communication skills to communicate Longer use Facebook every day time, the higher the motivation and communication skills to communicate. The longer the daily interaction of Facebook friends and real time,the higher the interpersonal communication skills. Attachment patterns and interpersonal communication skills, there are "positive" correlation. Attachment patterns can predict interpersonal communication skills.
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