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Title: 以IC³檢測桃園縣國中小學教師資訊素養能力之研究
A Study of Using IC³ to Detect Teachers' Ability of Information Literacy in Primary and Secondary School in Taoyuan County
Authors: 戴建耘
Chien-Yun Dai
Fu-Chang Cheng
Keywords: 資訊素養
information literacy
IT capacity
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 當「資訊教育」已成為各國比拼下世代的關鍵時,教師實為資訊教育之樞紐,教師的資訊科技運用能力顯得相當重要,因此,教師更應具備資訊網路與通訊科技教育(Information and Communication Technology,ICT)整合的教學能力。然而在探討國內資訊素養有關的文獻時,發現以往的研究都偏重在態度與知覺的探討,缺乏實證研究與全球標準差異的研究。因此本研究使用一種全球性資訊素養課程教學與檢測認證的計算機綜合能力考核(Internet and Computing Core Certifications,IC³),從三個科目與十一項領域來檢測桃園縣國中小學教師的資訊素養能力並與國際及格標準作比較,展開實證性之研究。並依影響計算機綜合能力考核成績之背景變項,運用集群分析將受測人員分為四大集群,探討四大集群在計算機綜合能力考核各項成績指標的特性。在抽樣桃園縣國中小教師157人的研究中發現: 1.教師以年輕教師,學歷以學士為主力。 2.教師之畢業系所以教育領域居多,多數無電腦相關證照。 3.多數教師使用電腦時數約略每天至少1小時以上,學習電腦課程相關修課之時數偏低。 4.多數教師接觸電腦已有六年以上經歷,在電腦的使用上,以學校或工作地點為主。 5.整體而言,在IC3的成績表現上,已達到全球及格標準。 6.在IC3的十一個領域中,以「網路」正確率表現為最佳;而以「常用軟體功能」、「電子試算表」的正確率表現為最差。 7.影響IC3成績表現上的相關背景變項以「性別」、「年齡」、「個人修習電腦相關課程情形」、「主要使用電腦地點」等四項顯示有差異。 8.以女性為主、年齡在39歲以下、資訊課程修課情形在12學分或216小時以上者的集群,在IC3各項成績指標有較佳的表現。 9.以女性為主、年齡在30歲以上、資訊課程修課情形在12學分或216小時以下者的分群,在IC3各項成績指標表現較其他集群弱。 最後,根據本研究之結論提出具體建議,供教育主管機關及學校規劃國民中小學教育人員資訊素養能力研習、進修與檢測的參考。
When the "Information Education" has become the key to making the next generation, teachers is the hub for information technology in education, Teachers ability to use IT is very important, Therefore, teachers ought to not only obtain the educational ability , but also to integrate ICT competence within educational instruction . However, in the quality of domestic information-related literature, found that previous studies are biased towards the attitude and perception of the lack of empirical research and global standards of difference. Internet and Computing Core Certifications (IC3), which is a wored-wide validated platform , via the standard-based training and certification program for basic computing and internet knowledge and skills, was adopted as the basis for conducting this research. From the three subjects and 11 to detect areas of Taoyuan County primary and secondary school teachers capacity and quality of the information with the international standards for passing, the start of empirical research. IC3 affected by the results background variables, the use of cluster analysis will be measured by the staff is divided into four major clusters, the four major clusters in the IC3 of the indicators of achievement differences. A close examination has performed to look into the discrepancy of these samples in IC3 test. Taoyuan County in the primary and secondary teachers in the sample of 157 people in the study found: 1. In the middle and elementary school teachers, mainly young teachers, as the main force for the bachelor. 2. Teachers graduated from the university, mainly in the field of education, most non-computer-related qualifications. 3. The majority of teachers at least one hour a day over the use of computers, learning computer courses have the number of hours the low side. 4. The majority of teachers have computer access more than six years experience in the use of computers, school or work place-based. 5. Overall, the performance in the IC3, has reached global standards passes. 6. IC3 in the 11 areas, "Using the Internet" correct rate for the best performance, and "Common Program Functions", " Spreadsheet Functions ", the correct rate for the worst performance. 7. IC3 impact on the performance of the relevant background variables "gender", "age" and "personal circumstances to attend computer-related courses", "where the main use of computers" shows that there are differences between the four. 8. Female-dominated, the age of 39 under the age of information and learning courses in 12 credits or 216 hours over the cluster, the indicators of achievement in the IC3 a better performance. 9. Female-dominated, aged 30 and above information and learning courses in 12 credits or 216 hours following the cluster, the IC3 indicators of achievement in performance than other clusters weak. This research could provide a valuable reference to conduct further computing and internet literacy studies for teacher in junior high and elementary schools.
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