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Title: 高職導入e-Learning對學生學習成效影響之研究-以「計算機概論」課程為例
A Study on the Learning Achievement of the Introduction to Computer Science by E-Learning for Vocational High Schools Students
Authors: 宋修德
SUNG, Shiu-Te
Keywords: 高職
vocational high school
introduction to computer- science
learning effectiveness
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解高職導入e-Learning之教學成效,主要探討高職計算機概論課程,講授配合實作之教學現況、導入e-Learning教學法之成效與學習滿意度。研究的對象為高職的學生,以自變項為應用傳統講授配合實作教學法、應用e-Learning,控制變項為學生學習「計算機概論」課程,進行十週的分組實驗教學。依變項可細分為三部份,分別為(1)計算機基礎概念能力(2)常用應用軟體能力(3)網路應用與安全能力等三種不同的表現。 依據研究架構與研究設計,以應用傳統講授配合實作教學法、應用e-Learning之分組的高職一年級學生,進行十週的「計算機概論」課程分組實驗教學後,施以全球三大數位素養能力模擬卷測驗,比較自變項在依變項的差異情形。 高職一年級學生學習「計算機概論」的研究數據採用SPSS軟體分析,結果如下: 一、應用e-Learning實驗教學後在全球三大數位素養能力模擬卷測驗表現優於應用傳統講授配合實作教學。 二、e-Learning學習系統能使學生學習成效達到顯著程度。 三、實驗教學後實驗組學生對e-Learning學習系統之滿意度較高。 四、e-Learning學習系統,確實可增進教師對學生的輔導效果。 因此,e-Learning可成為未來高職教師輔助學生學習的方式之一並使學生的學習達到最佳的效果。
With the main purpose to understand the teaching effects of e-learning on the vocational high school students, this research mainly explored the results of the e-learning approach and the traditional approach ( lecture& operation) to the course of Introduction to Computer Science. Students were divided into two groups. One group of students as the independent variable learned in the way of traditional approach while the other did as controlled variable in the way of e-learning. The experiment lasted 10 weeks, which included 3 parts of tests on the performances of students in light of variables: 1. Basic concept of Computing Fundamentals; 2. Ability to Key Applications; 3. Faculty about the Living On- line.According to the structure and design of the research, the first-grade students from the two groups attended 10-week courses separately. Afterwards, they had to take simulation tests about the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) Test to compare the differences among the variables. Based on the analysis of SPSS software, the results are as follows: 1.The students attending e-learning course performed better than those who learned in the way of traditional teaching approach. 2.The learning achievement of experimental group was significantly better than compared group. 3. After experimental instruction, the students of experimental group felt satisfactory. 4. e-learning system can help student promote their decision-making ability. Therefore, e-learning system can be an available media for assisting student in learning. and makes students learn to the fullest.
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