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Title: 技能檢定術科測驗對高職汽車科學生專業課程學習行為相關因素之研究
Authors: 許良明
Keywords: 技能檢定術科
Skill certification technique
Automobile student
Learning behavior
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 中文摘要 本研究旨在探討台灣地區公、私立學校汽車科學生,在汽車修護技能檢定術科測驗實施中,不同屬性自變項:就讀年級、畢業後生涯規劃、是否有校外實習經驗、汽車科是否為學習志願、學校屬性、學校是否實施技能檢定輔導、父母親的教育程度、地理區域等。對學習行為之依變項:學習動機、學習態度、學習策略、學習環境、學習滿意度等五個構面,所產生的影響。並採用問卷調查法,以台灣地區分北、中、南、東四區之公、私立學校學生為調查對象。共發出問卷1440份,實際回收1328份,剔除無效問卷38份,總計有效問卷1290份,可用率為89%。 本研究結論如下: 壹、本研究發現學習行為各構面同意度,由高至低依序是:學習動機(同意度最高達3.7689)、學習態度、學習滿意度、學習策略、學習環境(同意度最低為3.4965),仍有改善空間。 貳、就背景變項而言:「就讀年級」同意度為高二>高三>高一;將來繼續升學之同意度高於畢業後即就業;汽車科是學習志願,同意度高於汽車科不是學習志願;學校有實施技能檢定輔導,同意度高於學校沒有實施技能檢定輔導;「學校屬性」在學習動機構面達顯著差異,私立高於公立學校;「父母教育程度」在學習動機構面上,達顯著差異,研究所與國小(含)以下、國中(初中)、高中(職)、專科或大學,後者皆高於前者;「地理區域」在學習滿意度構面,達顯著差異,東區>北區。 關鍵字:技能檢定術科、汽車科學生、學習行為
Abstract This purpose of this study was to investigate the Taiwan area public and private high school automobile students in automobile repair skill certification technique a test to carry out. Different attribute from independent variables: After goes study the grade、 the graduation the profession plan、 whether has the extracurricular to mend experience、 the automobile whether for study aspiration、 school attribute、 school whether do implement skill certification counseling、 parents' education level、 the physiographic region . To learning behavior to attach on dependent variables: The learning motive、 the learning attitude、 the learning strategy、 the learning environment、 the learning degree of satisfaction and so on produce influence. And used the questionnaire survey method. Taiwan discrimination north、 center, south、 east four areas public and private high school students as investigation target. Altogether sends out asked volume 1,440. Actually recycles 1,328. To rid of no effect asked volume 38. Amount to effectively asked volume 1,290. Usability rate 89%. This research conclusion as follows: I. This research discovery learning behavior each structure agreement in order of high: The learning motive (agreement most reaches as high as 3.7689)、 the learning attitude、 the learning degree of satisfaction、 the learning strategy、 the learning environment (agreement most is low is 3.4965) still had the improvement space. II. According to background variables: “After goes study the grade” agreement for two grades > three grades > one grade. After future will continue to enter a higher school agreement to be higher than the graduation namely to get a job. The automobile is learning the aspiration agreed is higher than the automobile not learning the aspiration. The school has implementation skill certification counseling agreed is higher than the school not to implement skill certification counseling. "The school attribute" reaches in the learning motive reveals the difference. Privately school is higher than the public school. "The parent’s education level" on the learning motive. Reaches reveals the difference. The research institute and graduate school an elementary school、secondary school、a senior high school、 a vocational school or the university. Latter all is higher than former. "The physiographic region" on the study degree of satisfaction structure. Reaches reveals the difference east area surpass north area. Key words: Skill certification technique、 Automobile student、Learning behavior
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