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Title: 高職工業類科學生對實習場所安全衛生經營績效之研究
A Study on Workshop Safety and Hygiene of Management Performance for Vocational Industrial High School Students In Taiwan
Authors: 許良明 博士
Keywords: 實習場所
safety and hygiene
management performance
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討高職工業類科學生對實習場所安全衛生經營績效之現況與問題,進而研議加強實習場所安全衛生經營績效之具體建議。為達成研究目的,首先應用文獻探討加以分析,瞭解有關安全衛生經營績效相關理論,藉以建構本研究之理論基礎,再採用問卷調查法,進行本研究實徵部分之資料蒐集。 研究工具為自編之「高職工業類科學生對實習場所安全衛生經營績效之調查問卷」,以臺灣地區 36 所公私立高職工業類科日間部學生為調查樣本。資料統計方式係採用次數分配、百分比、平均數、標準差、t 考驗、單因子變異數分析法及皮爾遜積差相關等統計方法,經資料分析後,本研究歸納如下結論: 壹、在學生發生的意外事故中,發現電機電子群的意外事故發生率較高,而機械類群的學生所發生的人員意外傷害較嚴重。 貳、安全衛生各構面之平均值以安全衛生的態度最高,其次為安全衛生教育訓練,學校安全衛生管理,最後為安全衛生環境設施。 參、曾擔任實習幹部的學生,對整體經營績效量表填答差異達到顯著水準,且曾擔任實習幹部的填答優於未曾擔任者。 肆、曾選修安全衛生相關學分的學生對整體經營績效量表填答差異達到顯著水準,且選修過安全衛生相關課程的學生優於未選修者。 伍、安全衛生整體績效和各構面之間均呈正相關且達顯著性水準。
This study is aimed at probing into the present situations and problems of management performance for vocational industrial high school students to practice safe and hygiene of workshop factory. The study further investigates and discusses the concrete practicable suggestions for the managing performance of workshop safety and hygiene. For the purpose of the study, literature of relative studies is reviewed and analyzed to discuss the findings of previous studies, and also to construct the theoretical basis for this present study. For data collection, the study adopts a questionnaire investigation. The questionnaire is a list of self-edited questions to examine the management performance of workshop safety and hygiene for vocational industrial high school students. The samples of the questionnaire are day-division students from 36 public and private vocational industrial high schools. For data analysis, Descriptive statistics is adopted in analyzing the results and the findings. The data is conducted with Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, T-test and One-Way ANOVA and Pearson Correlations. Based on data analysis, the findings are concluded as follows: 1. For the rate of accidents, the rate of accidents for students of electric machinery and electronics major is the highest, while the level of injury for students of machinery major is most serious. 2. For different aspects of safe and hygiene, the score of the attitude on safety and hygiene is the highest. The runner-up is the score of the educational training of safety and hygiene. The next is the score of the management of school safety and hygiene. The score of facilities of safety and hygiene is the lowest. 3. For students who have been leaders in charge of workshop safety and hygiene, the scores of management performance between them and other general students show significance. 4. For students who havetaken courses in workshop safety and hygiene, the scores of management performance between them and other general students, who have not taken the courses, show significance. 5. The overall management performance of safety and hygiene shows positive correlations with the other aspects. And the difference shows significance.
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