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Title: 以基於混合多準則決策模式之情境分析法預測警用網路電話之部署
Predicting the Deployment of VoIP Based Police Telecommunications by Using the Hybrid MCDM Based Scenario Analysis Method
Authors: 黃啟祐
Chi-Yo Huang
Yuan-Mei Chen
Keywords: 警察通訊
Police Communication System
Scenario Analysis
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 隨著網路使用的普及化,將語音壓縮成數據封包透過網路傳輸的網路電話技術也逐漸被私人企業組織及政府機關所採用。在政府機關方面,警察因著工作性質的特殊性,且在警察勤務上大量使用電話聯繫,應擁有獨立之警察通訊架構;並為因應通訊技術的演進,現今亦應考慮導入網路電話技術。惟網路電話之傳輸方式不同於以實纜構通之傳統電話,又警察工作具有其特殊性,其通訊適用情況應無法比照民用通訊,網路電話是否適用於警察勤務聯繫、又較為適用的環境為何,迄今尚不明確。若欲於現有通訊架構下建構網路電話,須挹注大筆經費,為避免無效之政府財務開支,期能在建置前期運用決策分析方式,模擬網路電話在不同情境下的建構規劃及適用情況,並預測未來此項技術在警察實務使用上的結合。本研究擬利用情境分析法(Scenario Analysis)設定不同影響變項以建立不同的情境,並運用結合決策實驗室分析法(DEMATEL)分析領先用戶的意見,藉以預測網路電話在不同情境下部署於警察通訊架構的影響因素,以規劃及擬想未來此技術於警察實務聯繫的適用情形。研究結果發現,在外部環境條件開放且資源充裕的情境下,網路電話本身的技術特性為較主要的影響因素;反之當外部環境條件較封閉資源匱乏時,成本的影響較為顯著。
With the popularization of the Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which make speech compression into data packets transmitted over the network technology, have gradually been adopted by private enterprises and government agencies. In government agencies, the police system because of the special nature of the work, and extensive use of the police service on telephone contact, should have dedicated telecommunications. In response to the evolution of communication technology, today introduced VoIP technology should be considered. However, since the VoIP transmission mode is totally different to traditional telephones, and the police work has its particularity, whether the novel communications technology can be applied to the police works its communications applicable situation should not be compared with civilian communications. It is not clear so far that which factors are the key factors influencing police to apply the VoIP technology, and there's less research to discuss the topic. This study intends to use the Hybrid MCDM based Scenario Analysis Method setting variables to create different effects on different scenarios, in order to predict VoIP in different contexts on the deployment of police communications architecture to plan and think about the future of this technology to be in police work contact the applicable circumstances. The results showed that, in the scenario of the conditions in the external environment is open and abundant resources, the technical characteristics of VoIP is the more significant factor; On the other hand, when the conditions in the external environment is closed and lack of resources, there are more significant impact on cost.
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