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Title: 兩輪自主機器人之避障控制
Obstacle Avoidance Control of Two-wheeled Self-balancing Autonomous Robots
Authors: 呂藝光
Lian, Meng-Jhe
Keywords: 兩輪平衡車
Two-wheeled Self-balancing Autonomous Robots
Obstacle Avoidance Control
PID control
Fuzzy control
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本文發展一兩輪自我平衡之自主機器人系統以實現自我導航與避障功能,該系統包括左右輪馬達的控制裝置,機器人平衡感測裝置,以及避障與導航感測裝置。馬達的控制裝置包含一8位元微控制器與驅動電路;機器人平衡感測裝置為透過陀螺儀與加速度計兩感測器量測自主機器人傾斜角;以及避障與導航感測感測裝置是分別利用超音波感測器與電子羅盤來量測環境障礙物的距離與移動方位。微控制器依據感測裝置資料,透過PID控制器與模糊邏輯控制器完成自我平衡、避障控制與導航功能。此外,兩輪自我平衡之自主機器人系統相關感測與控制訊號亦透過無線網路傳送至雲端資料庫以利控制器、避障與導航設計。最後,本文透過軟硬體實驗來驗證兩輪自我平衡之自主機器人系統的效能。
The main goal of the thesis is the design of navigation and obstacle avoidance control of a two-wheeled self-balancing autonomous robot. The body structure of the two-wheeled self-balancing autonomous robot includes motors and drivers, balancing sensor device, and obstacle avoidance and navigation device. The motor control device consists of an 8-bit microcontroller and a driver circuit. The balancing sensor device measures the inclination angle of the autonomous robot by the gyroscope and the accelerometer. The obstacle avoidance and navigation device uses ultrasonic sensors and electronic compass to measure the distance and the movement of obstacles. According to sensor devices data, the microcontroller utilizes PID controller and the fuzzy controller to achieve self-balance control, obstacle avoidance and navigation. Finally, some experimental results are given to verify the performance of the overall system.
Other Identifiers: G060470024H
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