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Title: 大專校院實施就業學程學生滿意度之探討
The Study on the Student's Learning Satisfaction for School-to-Work Program in College/University
Authors: 徐昊杲 博士
陳明堂 博士
HSU, How-Gao
Chen, Ming-Tang
Sung, Miao-Lien
Keywords: 就業學程
learning satisfaction
education reconstruction
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本論文研究主要目的,是瞭解大專校院就業學程實施之現況,以及影響其滿意度的相關因素(卽教育改造工程)。因此,研究者針對學生的學習滿意情形,分五個構面進行調查分析。在經過資料施測、收集、彚整之後,我們接著進行獨立樣本t考驗、單因子變異數分析等統計測試,以便獲得學生在此就業學程的學習成效。 本論文研究採行的方法及獲得的結論如下: 一、在大專校院學生在就業學程學習學滿意度相關的因素,主要分為兩個方面。一為個人背景因素,它包括性別、學校屬性、就讀意願、學業成績、影響因素、訊息來源、及未來規畫。二為就業學程滿意度,其內涵包括教師教學、學習成果、人際關係、學習環境、行政措施等五項構面。 二、大專校院學生在就業學程學滿意度,各構面的施測結果裏均有中上水準的表現。整體的平均值為3.57,而各項影響因素中表現最佳的,是教師教學,高達3.62。 三、大專校院學生在各種不同學程裏的學習學滿意度,會因學程不同而有不同的影響因素;因此在不同的就業學程裏,須就下列各項逐一探討,如學程規劃領域、學程特色、學程推動實施方式、學程之合作企業單位是否提供畢業生工作機會、就業學程職類培育人才、就業學程學生的企業參訪、就業學程實際編製教材。 最後,根據本研究在抽樣方式、研究變項、及研究方法等方面的研究結果,以及本研究在進行中所獲得的想法,歸納出就業學程中教育改造工程的幾點建議,以作為後續對此研究方向的研究者參考。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the current situation of the program for school-to-work at the college/university and the factors that influence its efficacy. In this study, the following five categories are used to evaluate the student’s satisfaction. After collecting and organizing the data, multiple variables are adopted to perform the t test, one way ANOVA, and other related calculations to assess the student’s level of satisfaction towards the program. The approaches and results of this study are shown in the following: 1. The student’s satisfaction with the program for school-to-work at the college/university is dependent on two main factors. The first one is the individual’s background, which includes gender, type of school attending, location, desire to study, grades, influences on their study, source of program information, and future plans. The second one is the individual’s satisfaction with the program, which involves the professor’s teaching skills, amount of material learned, student interrelationships, learning environment, and quality of the school administration. 2. Overall student satisfaction with the program for school-to-work at the college/university is relatively high. The whole average is 3.57, with ratings for professor’s teaching skills reaching the highest average of 3.62. 3. Student satisfaction with the different programs within the college/university cannot be compared to each other due to the different factors influencing each program. Consequently, the following aspects within each program are evaluated: program planning, program specialty, method of implementation, job oppor- tunities provided, type of occupational training, level of job participation, and course material preparation. Based on the results of the study and ideas developed over the course the study, several points of interest are presented for future studies.
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