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Title: 桃園縣幼稚園教學內容之研究
The Study on Instruction Contents of Kindergarten Education at
Authors: 許全守
HAU, Chuan-Shou
Chen Chia Li
Keywords: 幼稚園教育
kindergarten education
public and private kindergartens
the senior class of kindergarten
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的在探討桃園縣幼稚園的教學內容和影響教師決定教學內容的因素。研究方法採用問卷調查法,彙整桃園縣幼稚園大班教師對幼稚園教學內容的意見,問卷共計發出318份,有效回收問卷226份,回收率為71%。經資料分析獲致的結論:(1)桃園縣幼稚園的教學內容,計有八種領域49項內容。(2)決定桃園縣幼稚園教學內容的考主要因素有六項,以幼兒發展狀況為主要考量。(3)依據統計分析發現,桃園縣幼稚園的八種領域49項教學內容,均認為重要,且公立與私立、或縣轄市與鄉鎮的大班教師彼此間,對部分教學內容有顯著性差異。(4)依據統計分析發現,決定教學內容的考量因素,公立與私立、或縣轄市與鄉鎮的大班教師,對部分考量因素有顯著性差異。針對研究結果,對桃園縣幼稚園主管機關提出如下之建議:(1)宜將八種領域49項教學內容考量納入桃園縣幼稚園教學內容。(2)規劃幼稚園課程和教學時宜將幼兒身心發展列為優先考量。(3)宜對桃園縣幼稚園課程和教學做更新。
The purpose of this study aims to discuss both the instruction contents of kindergarten and the factors affecting the selected instruction contents at Tao-yuan county. A self-developed questionnaire was used to collect the data from the kindergarten teachers of senior classes at Tao-yuan county. Analyzed the returned questionnaire, there were 226 entries validated among 318 entries given out (the valid collection ratio was 71%). After analyzing, the results are concluded as follows:(1)The instruction contents of kindergarten at Tao-Yuan county include 8 fields diverse into 49 items.(2) There are 6 major factors affecting the instruction contents of kindergarten selected, and the developmental state of pre-school child is the first concern. (3) The kindergarten teachers of senior classes at Tao-yuan county consider the 8 fields and 49 items as important, and there are significant difference in some items of the instruction contents between public and private, or between urban and suburban kindergarten teachers of senior classes. (4)When considering the factors affecting the instruction contents, significant difference exists in some factors between public and private, or between urban and suburban kindergarten teachers of senior classes. Finally, some suggestions are provided for the administer authorities concerned:(1)The instruction contents of 8 fields involved 49 items should be included in the kindergarten teaching matters in Tao-Yuan county. (2)Children development of body and mind should be the first consideration when designing the instruction courses. (3)Renovation should be performed on the kindergarten courses and instruction contents at Tao-Yuan county.
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