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dc.contributorFan Hsin Chenen_US
dc.contributorChien pen Chuangen_US
dc.contributor.authorChun Yi Wuen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究基於合作學習及建構主義的理論基礎來探討專題導向學習在高中生活科技課程,學生學習成效之研究並且以生活科技課程當中能源與運輸此一類別的活動-水壓式步行器為例。研究者以台北縣某國立高中一年級40位學生為研究對象分成二十組,進行為期五週的教學活動;資料分析方面,以統計軟體SPSS進行相依樣本t考驗,分析該班學生經過專題導向學習後,在成就測驗與問題解決態度是否有顯著差異並以肯德爾和諧係數分析三位教學對學生作品的評分是否一致;而後,透過單因子共變數分析來考驗該班不同生活科技、物理成就的學生在成就測驗與問題解決態度是否有顯著差異。 研究結果發現,將專題導向學習應用在高中生活科技課程後,40位學生對於這種教學方式的學習滿意度呈正向反應;而學習成效方面:學生經過專題導向學習之後在能源與運輸成就測驗的表現有明顯進步;在問題解決態度問卷的表現亦達到顯著的差異;在實作方面,透過三位教師評分以及學生學習心得、訪談內容三方面綜合分析,大部分學生的作品是有自己的創意注入,而且能夠發揮團隊合作精神以及問題解決的能力!zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research is to evaluate the learning effects of living technology instruction at high school. It was taught with cooperative learning method and based on constructivism. A unit of ‘Hydraulic Vehicles’ was selected as a subject for this experimental study. Fourty first-grade students in a high school in Taipei County were selected as experimental samples. They were divided into twenty groups and conducted the experiment within five weeks. Paired-sample t test was used to test the learning effects with statistic data of questionnaire survey. Kendall’s Coefficient of concordance and ANCOVA were used to analyze the concordance and difference between small groups. The results of this study are as the followings: 1. Most students gave positive feedback to the project-based learning in learning living technology course. 2. The learning effectiveness is obviously improved by conducting the project-based learning method. 3. There is significant difference in problem solving attitude after this experiment. 4. In terms of practice aspect, the originality, team work and problem solving ability are improved vastly in this study after the implementation of learning achievement evaluation and depth-interview.en_US
dc.subjectProject-based Learningen_US
dc.subjectLiving Technology course of Senior High Schoolen_US
dc.subjectLearning Effectivenessen_US
dc.titleEffectiveness of Instructing High-School Living Technology using Project-Based Learning model-in case of instructing Hydraulic Vehiclesen_US
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