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Title: 電子化政府服務品質之研究-以「訂艙提單平台效益」為例
A Study on e-government Service Quality, in case of "Booking / Billing of lading Platform Performance"
Authors: 莊謙本
Chia Wei Wu
Keywords: 電子化政府
Booking / Billing of lading
Traditional Cluster
Fuzzy Cluster
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract:   在政府「挑戰二○○八:國家發展重點計畫」中的「航港資訊系統建置計畫」,其中包含「航港單一窗口服務平台(MTNet) 」的建置,藉以規劃海運業務自動化作業系統,簡化我國海運航港作業流程,並利用電子資料交換應用,實施海運及港埠業務自動化,以達無窗口、電子化、無紙化之境界,以提昇我國海運國際競爭力及建立國際接軌機制。   「航港單一窗口服務平台(MTNet) 」中,以「訂艙提單平台」為主要功能服務之一,其基本方向分為三種,第一種是具有入口網的角色,以便整合已經有訂艙系統的運送者,提供給託運者一個單一的訂艙入口。第二種是設計基本訂艙功能提供給未有訂艙系統,但是需要訂艙系統的運送者,透過本平台達到線上訂艙。第三種是資料交換與傳遞的角色,透過平台提供異質資料交換與產製。   本研究旨在建立平台功能之效益評估構面,以便提供改良之參考,促使平台發揮最大效益。所採用的傳統集群與模糊集群係作為資料分析的工具。經過集群分析後,資料的相似性與相異性就被歸類分群,進而簡化問題。經過分析比較後,發現兩種集群均在五個構面上顯示無差異的評估效果。因此,這五個集群構面包括「科技經營」、「資訊管理」、「時間效率」、「物流行銷」、「未來願景」等均可作為評估海運平台效率的參考。
In the government Plan of "Challenging 2008 : National Development Crucial Plan”, a "Marine Port Information System” including "Maritime Transportation Net (MTNet)" is going to be built to automate processing marine transportation business with Electronic Data Exchange System. It is aimed to deal with marine transportation affairs with none window, none paper and electronic features to reach the international standards. Such MTNet system with a main service of Booking / Billing of lading is implemented on a platform which covers three kinds of service:entry booking for used consigners, shipping booking for new consigners disconnected to the network, electronic data exchange and delivering for heterogeneous materials on platform. This research was purposed to investigate the performance of current booking platform to improve the benefits of Marine transportation in Taiwan. Traditional collect clusters and fuzzy clusters were used to do data analysis and difference comparison. There is no difference of performance facets between these two clusters after questionnaire survey and statistic analysis. Five facets for evaluating marine transportation performance were concluded as Technology Management, Information Management, Time Spending, Logistic Operation and Future Vision. It can be used as indexes for references to improve the effects of MTNet system.
Other Identifiers: G0069270009
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