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Title: PBL策略應用於網站架設之線上教學研究──以異質性團體為例
A Study of Instructing WebSite Construction with On-Line Problem-based Learning Strategy ── In case of Heterogeneous Group
Authors: 莊謙本
Qian-Ben Zhuang
Yi-chih Lin
Keywords: 問題導向式學習
Problem-Based Learning
learning community
Linux Operating System
e-learning system
Website Content Management System
heterogeneous group
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本論文旨在探討以線上教學平台實施問題導向式教學,對於以異質性團體學習網站架設之學習成效。 本研究所採用的問題導向式教學是藉由線上教學方式,讓學習者先有基本概念,再施予PBL教材,讓學習者扮演教材劇中的人物,再藉由線上教學系統來討論,讓學習者主動尋找相關資料,共同解決問題。若討論過程中有產生延伸性的問題,則再針對所延伸出的問題作相關資料的查詢,直到問題被解決。參與教學實驗的異質性團體成員包括公私立大學不同科系背景的九位志願參與的大學生。教學實驗所使用的教材為研究者自行開發,旨在訓練學生在Linux作業系統上架設網站系統的能力。課程內容主要為教學網站系統與網站架設方法。學習者學習方式則採漸進式學習,以培養架設開放式網站架設的能力。評鑑方式以每一課程的測驗分數與滿意度問卷來評估教學成效;再利用學習者在教學網站中個人的學習歷程,歸納出異質性團體在問題導向學習中的學習模式,以作為日後類似研究的參考。 研究發現參與教學研究的異質性團體,對於以問題討論方式進行學習,表示相當有助益。而實施線上教學後,再使用PBL學習,則可提高學習成效。透過教學測驗,發現異質性學習團隊在互相合作的學習上,仍可達到良好的學習成效。 關鍵字:問題導向式學習、學習社群、Linux作業系統、線上教學系統、網站內容管理系統、異質性團體
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of on-line instruction for a heterogeneous group learning to build a website with Problem-based Learning strategy. All students were given introduction lesson for constructing a website through on-line environment. The strategy of Problem-Based Learning was learned by the students before they were asked to conduct at on-line environment. Then they may progress their study to build up a website with role player methodby the help of tutors. Every member of this group may do the relevant material review and discuss on the platform to learn how to construct a website. Nine university students involved in this experimental research with different backgrounds and took part in this research willingly. They tried their best to construct a website with Linux operation system within half a year. A summative evaluation was conducted to test student’s overall achievement. And a satisfaction questionnaire survey was conducted to understand students’ response. The results of statistical analysis and students’ feedback can be used as references for future study. It is affirmative that the feasibility of applying on-line learning on heterogeneous group is proven good after this study. And the PBL strategy implementing in this study is effective for improving learning achievement. Keyword:Problem-Based Learning, learning community, Linux Operating System, e-learning system, Website Content Management System, heterogeneous group.
Other Identifiers: G0069070037
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