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Title: 資訊融入國民小學自然科教學可行性之研究—以桃園縣新路國小為例
A Feasibility Study of Information Technology Infused with Nature Subject Instruction at the Shia-Lu Elementary School in Taoyuan County
Authors: 饒達欽
Rau, Dar-Chin
Wang, Zuo-Rong
Shih, Chi-An
Keywords: 資訊融入自然科
Infused with Nature Subject
Information Technology
Nature Subject Instruction
Elementary School
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract:   本研究主旨在探討資訊科技融入國民小學自然科教學可行性,以桃園縣新路國小為例。為達到研究目的,經由國內外文獻探討、專家訪談並結合自己本身的教學經驗,建構出資訊科技融入自然科的教學方式。研究設計採問卷調查法和訪談調查法,以國小六年級學生為教學對象,在教學活動結束後,對參與教學活動的三個班級每位學生進行問卷調查,並從中隨機抽取五名學生及四名在本校有經驗的教學者進行訪談調查,以了解資訊科技融入教學歷程,學生的學習動機與教學者的教學成效,並探究資訊科技融入自然科教學之可行性。本研究得到結論如下:一、經由學生的問卷調查,顯示學生對資訊科技融入自然科教學的接受度高達77.2%。二、研究者所設計的資訊科技融入自然科教學活動實施後,經由學生問卷調查和四名教師訪談之結果分析,顯示這種教學方式具有相當的可行性。
The purpose of this study on the feasibility of information technology infused with nature subject Instruction at the Shia-Lu Elementary School in Taoyuan County. In order to fulfill the objectives, the researcher constructed an approach to infused with nature subject instruction after reading domestic and international related references, the expert interviews and oneself teaching experience. The study design used the questionnaire survey and interview survey, sixth-grade elementary school students were sampled purposively as subjects. Afterward the teaching activities ends towards all students of three classes were Implemented the questionnaire survey; five students of simple random sampled and four teachers of the teaching experience were Implemented the interview survey. Applying information technology infused with nature subject Instruction to understand the teacher’s effect of the instruction and the student’s learning motive and to evaluate the feasibility. Generalizing all the results, the researchers made the following conclusions: (1) Through the student’s questionnaire survey, showed that the students accepted the degree of information technology infused with nature subject Instruction to be up to 77.2 percent. (2)The approach of information technology infused with nature subject Instruction, which is designed by the researcher, had been confirmed effectively through all students’ questionnaire survey and four teachers’ interview survey results.
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