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Title: 以推拉模式探討「iTaiwan免費無線網路」民眾使用意願
Using Push-pull Mode to Explore Intention Usage of "iTaiwan Free Wi-Fi"
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon-Chao
Chen, Tzu-Hua
Keywords: 網路危險信念
iTaiwan free Wi-Fi
Network dangerous belief
Push-pull mode
Perceived usefulness
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 行政院於2011年10月推出「iTaiwan免費無線網路」之服務,於公共區域及大眾運輸場所等建置無線網路環境,供民眾使用。2017年政府提出「公共區域及大眾運輸iTaiwan無線上網躍升計畫」,欲推動iTaiwan全國暢通。本研究將以推拉模式探討「iTaiwan免費無線網路」民眾使用意願,採用問卷調查法,針對有使用過「iTaiwan免費無線網路」受測者進行調查,有效問卷共計286份,經使用結構方程式進行統計分析。研究結果顯示網路危險信念對科技政策之推力、個人需求之拉力具有正相關、科技政策之推力對有用性無顯著相關、個人需求之拉力對有用性具有正相關、有用性對滿意度具有正相關、滿意度對持續使用具有正相關。研究結果發現,民眾對網路危險信念較高,但仍支持政府推動的免費公眾無線網路科技政策,且對網路的需求日益增長,免費公眾無線網路還是有存在必要性。
In October 2011, Executive Yuan launched “iTaiwan free wireless Internet services” in the public areas and public transportation by providing wireless network for public use. In 2017, the government proposed “Public areas and public transportation iTaiwan wireless Internet proposal”, to promote iTaiwan across the country. This study explored the push and pull mode to investigate public intention to use “iTaiwan free Wi-Fi”. The questionnaire survey was administered, with a total of 286 valid questionnaires collected and analyzed by using structural equation modeling (SEM). The results indicated that the dangerous belief of Internet virtual community was positively related to push effect of science and technology policy and the pull effect is positively rrelated to personal needs. Push effect of science and technology policy showed no significant correlation towards perceived usefulness. However, the pull effect of personal needs showed a positive relation to usefulness. Usefulness toward satisfaction and satisfaction toward continuous intention to use both showed positive correlation. This study found that participants’ dangerous belief of internet was high. However, they still supported the government to promote free public Wi-Fi access. In conclusion, the demand for internet is growing, thus free public wireless network is necessary.
Other Identifiers: G0005702313
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