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Title: 以新型及可變空間規劃法求工業電腦綠色供應鏈之渴望解
Derivations of Aspired Solutions of Green Supply Chains for Industrial Personal Computers Using the De Novo
Authors: 黃啟祐
Huang, Chi-Yo
Shiu, Ming-Hung
Keywords: 綠色供應鏈管理
De Novo 規劃法
Green Supply Chain
Reverse logistics
Industrial Personal Computer
De Novo Programming
Changeable Space Programming
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 隨著電子科技的進步及產業快速的發展及變化,人們對於科技產品的依賴也相對增加,近幾年來因工業高度發展下對於地球所相對的氣候異常、環境的破壞、對人類生存環境已達嚴重影響的程度;而對於在生產中所產生有害物質已造成環境所造成嚴重的汙染,人們也對於環保意識越來越重視,導入綠色材料及綠色供應鏈已變成目前電子產業勢在必行的趨勢。 綠色材料及綠色供應鏈在導入電子產業時,採購在對於供應鏈管理對整個綠色材料及供應鏈的環境管理績效影響甚鉅,採購部門對供應鏈材料及逆物流綠色標準和指標的要求,有助於促進逆物材料供應鏈的積極研發和應用綠色技術、採用環保節能工藝、創造安全無毒的工作場所,進而提升供應商的環保意識、提高環境管理、改善環境水準。由於傳統材料的價格,因為不需要考量生命週期與對社會環境影響的成本,所以成本比綠色材料還低,但綠色材料的應用除了成本提升外,生產時所產生的不良率也會增加及逆物流材料成本較高,尤其在工業電子產業中其特性為客製化多樣少量化的產品,企業如何能在多樣少量的產業特性中使產能同時兼顧產能及利潤,使其得到生產效率及利潤最佳化並在導入整個綠色供應鏈中達成事半功倍的目的。 本研究先運用傳統線性規劃法求工業電腦產業綠色材料在達到產能及利潤之理想解後,再利用可變空間規劃法突破柏拉圖前緣之限制,進而得到產能及利潤渴望解。對於本研究的結果在將來可作為工業電腦在綠色供應鏈中產能及利潤規劃之基礎。
According to the advancement of electronic technology and the rapid development and changes of the industry, people's dependence on technology products has also increased. In recent years, due to the high degree of industrial development, the relative climate anomalies, environmental damage, and human living environment have reached The extent of serious impact; as the harmful substances produced in production have caused serious pollution in the environment, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. The introduction of green materials and green supply-chains has become an imperative trend in the current electronics industry. When green materials and green supply-chains are introduced into the electronics industry, procurement has a significant impact on the environmental management performance of the entire green materials and supply-chain when it comes to supply-chain management. The procurement department's requirements for supply-chain materials and reverse logistics green standards and indicators will help promote the active research and development of the reverse material supply-chain and the application of green technologies, the adoption of environmentally friendly energy-saving processes, and the creation of safe and non-toxic workplaces; in order to improve the environmental awareness of suppliers, improve environmental management, and improve environmental standards. Due to the price of traditional materials, because the cost of the life cycle and the impact on the social environment does not need to be considered; the cost is lower than that of green materials. However, in addition to the cost increase, the application of green materials will increase the adverse rate generated during production. The cost of logistics materials is relatively high, especially in the industrial electronics industry, where the characteristics are customized and diversified. How can a company make production capacity and profit at the same time in a variety of industrial characteristics, so that it can optimize production efficiency and profit and achieve more with less effort in the whole green supply-chain. This study first uses the traditional linear programming method to find the ideal point for the production capacity and profit of the green materials of the industrial computer industry, and then use the changeable space programming to break through the limits of Pareto optimal solution and then obtain produce capacity and profit aspires level. The results of this study will be used as the basis for industrial computer capacity, and profit planning in the green supply-chain in the future.
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