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Title: 雙北地區技術型高中特教班學生校外實習壓力、社會支持、因應行為與壓力反應之關係研究
A Study on the Relationship among Internship Stress, Social Support, Coping Behavior and Stress Reaction for Special Education Class Students in Technological Senior High Schools in Taipei and New Taipei Cities
Authors: 李懿芳
Lee, Yi-Fang
Huang, Yu-Lin
Keywords: 實習壓力
internship stress
stress reaction
social support
coping behavior
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究主要在探討技術型高中特教班學生的校外實習壓力程度及壓力反應情形,分析二者之間的關係,並探究社會支持與因應行為兩個因素在此關係中所扮演的調節效果。本研究以台北市及新北市地區技術型高中特教班三年級學生為研究對象,樣本數為211位,透過量化問卷調查方式收集學生校外實習壓力、壓力反應、社會支持與因應行為等變項的數據。研究發現指出,學生的實習壓力感受、社會支持偏高,因應行為偏積極,壓力反應中以心理反應最大。此外,實習壓力對壓力反應有顯著影響,且社會支持與因應行為能有效調節實習壓力對壓力反應的影響,亦即獲得社會支持越高的學生,實習壓力對於壓力反應的強度影響越低;因應行為越積極正向的學生,實習壓力對於壓力反應的強度影響亦越低。根據研究結果,建議學校、家庭及職場宜注意特教班學生在實習期間所面臨的壓力及反應情形,教導學生面對壓力時的適當因應行為,並適時提供支持與協助,以減輕特教生面臨實習的焦慮與不安,獲得正向的實習經驗。
This study mainly investigated the relationship between students’ internship stress and stress reaction, and further explored the moderation effects of the two factors, social support and coping behavior, within this relationship. A total of 211 third-grade special education class students in technological senior high schools in Taipei and New Taipei cities , were selected as the participants. The study found that the level of the internship stress, social support, coping behavior and psychological response of the stress reaction were remarkable. In addition, the internship stress possessed a significant impact on the stress reaction; social support and coping behavior significantly impacted on the stress reaction, which can effectively moderate the effects of two factors internship stress and stress reaction.and effectively adjust the impact of internship stress on stress reaction. Based on the findings, it is suggested that students’ tress level and reaction should be paid attention in schools, families, and workplaces during the internship. Also, teaching students to coping appropriately to stress, and providing enough support and assistance in order to alleviate anxiety and further get positive internship experiences are recommended.
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