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Title: 以計畫行為理論探討消費者人格特質對炫耀性消費行為影響之研究-以智慧型手機為例
Study in Consumer personality for their conspicuous consumption behavior effect in MP- in Smartphone Case
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon-Chao
Li, Chung-Chieh
Keywords: 計畫行為理論
Personality Traits
Structural Equation Model (SEM)
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 台灣社會的經濟蓬勃發展,已經逐漸脫離了貧窮,普遍人民生活都不虞匱乏,過往強調大量生產的社會模式,現今社會已被物質享樂以及滿足慾望所取代,造成消費者之間的比較並使他人意有忌妒及羨慕的心理產生,因而產生炫耀性消費,而擁有一支最新的手機,可以讓消費者認同自己在群眾裡有炫耀的本錢,本研究旨在應用計畫行為理論架構,並將人格特質外向性和神經性加入TPB 模型中,透過不同人格特質中的、知覺行為控制、主觀規範、態度、消費行為意向,對炫耀性消費行為的影響。 本研究以透過結構方程式模式(SEM)方法,來探討不同人格特質對炫耀性消費之影響,研究發現神經質對知覺行為控制、主觀規範、態度均有顯著正向影響,外向性對知覺行為控制及態度均有顯著正向影響,但對主觀規範為顯著負向影響,而知覺行為控制、主觀規範、態度在受到人格特質影響下對消費行為意向,態度及知覺行為控制為顯著正向影響,而主觀規範為顯著負向影響,消費行為意向在受到人格特質影響下對炫耀性消費行為為顯著正向影響。顯見不同的人格特質對於炫耀性消費造成影響。
Taiwan's booming economic development of society, has gradually out of poverty, lack of common people's life is not in danger, in the past emphasized mass production model of society, society has been replaced by material pleasures and gratification today, causing comparison between consumers and others meaning there is jealousy and envy psychology, resulting in conspicuous consumption, and has a latest mobile phone, allowing consumers agree that they have bragging among the masses, the present study aims to apply theory of planned behavior framework, and personality trait extraversion and neuropathic added TPB model through the different traits,perceived behavioral control, subjective norms, attitudes, consumer behavior intention, on conspicuous consumption behavior. In this study, using structural equation model (SEM) method to investigate the influence of different traits of Conspicuous Consumption, we found that neuroticism of perceived behavioral control, subjective norms, attitudes have a significant positive effect on perceived behavioral control and extraversion attitudes have significant positive impact, but subjective norm for the significant negative impact, and perceived behavioral control, subjective norms, attitudes, personality traits in being under the influence of consumer behavior intention, attitude and perceived behavioral control was significant positive effect, while subjective norm for the significant negative effect on consumer behavioral intentions in being under the influence of personality traits as a significant positive impact on conspicuous consumption behavior. Apparent different personality traits for conspicuous consumption affected.
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