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Title: 以人格特質探討使用行動通訊軟體對組織溝通與創新績效之影響_以LINE為例
Personality Predict the Effectiveness of Organizational Communication and Innovation Performance in Using LINE Instant Messenger
Authors: 李景峰
Li, Jeen-Fong
Lin, Yi-Ling
Keywords: 行動通訊軟體
Mobile Communications Software
Personality Traits
Organizational Communication Effectiveness
Innovation Performance
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 觀察人類歷史,如何有效的溝通,一直以來都在持續不斷改善精進。從語言,文字的發明、紙、印刷等書寫技術的演進,到利用電報、電話革命性的變革,在在都說明先人們在溝通領域中所投注的努力。由此可知,溝通不但與人類的生活息息相關,同時也是組織運作不可或缺的重要部分。 面臨全球化競爭激烈、產業結構快速變遷,企業在新科技的發展下,資訊流通速度急劇增加,從網路世代開始就存在的電子郵件、ICQ、MSN、Skype到現今的LINE,行動通訊軟體的出現,剛好滿足企業對「快」與「多工」的要求。透過行動通訊軟體的導入,人際與組織之間的互動溝通形式也隨之轉變,企業內部的溝通可以更透明與即時。本研究旨在於探討職場中不同人格特質的工作者,面對無孔不入的行動通訊軟體,在組織溝通效能的增進與對虛擬社群所衍生危險或不確定性之風險,能否對組織的創新績效扮演促成者的角色,進而影響職場工作者的持續使用意願。 本研究以立意抽樣方式,針對職場中使用行動通訊軟體LINE的工作者為研究對象進行問卷調查,研究結果發現:(1)外向性與神經質人格特質對於使用行動通訊軟體在組織溝通效能與虛擬世界危險信念具顯著影響;(2)組織溝通效能與使用者對虛擬社群不確定性風險的疑慮下,對於組織的創新績效有顯著影響;(3)組織創新績效的價值會影響行動通訊軟體持續使用意願。展望未來,當行動通訊軟體儼然已成為組織溝通的趨勢時,期能提出對組織可兼顧團隊溝通效率及資訊安全保障之建議,進而採取更正確的因應策略與作為。
To face severe global competition, rapidly changing industry structure, and sharp increase in the speed of business information flow, it has been existed for the internet tools of E-mail, ICQ, MSN, Skype and LINE, a very popular mobile mass social network in Asia. It can meet the requirements of "fast" and "multitasking" for a business and company. Through introducing mobile social network, interactive forms of communication and interpersonal organizations will be transformed; internal communication also will be more transparent and immediate. This study was designed to investigate the different workplace personal and different personality of workers in the face of unescapable mobile social network in organizational communication. How to face the risks and uncertainties of environment of virtual community social network? Will workers and employees of workplaces be the role of facilitators of willingness to use it or resisters of rejection to use it? In the future, when the mobile social network has become a foremost trend of organizational communication of a business, it may be able to put defined recommendations taking into account for team communication efficiency as well as information security, and then take a more correct and as a coping policy.
Other Identifiers: G0003702310
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