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Title: 單負材料光子晶體光學性質之研究
Optical Properties of Photonic Crystals Containing Single-Negative Materials
Authors: 吳謙讓
Wu Chien Jang
Lin Guan Fu
Keywords: 光子晶體
Photonic Crystals
Photonic Band Structure
Single Negative Materials
Transfer Matrix Method
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本篇論文中,我們研究了單負材料一維光子晶體的光學性質。首先,我們使用轉移矩陣法(TMM)研究一維單負材料磁性光子晶體的光子帶隙,此結構為(AB)N,其中介質A是MNG,介質B是ENG透過兩種models (Drude model和Lorentz model)加以研究能帶結構和透射率對於TE、TM Mode的結構,我們研究光子能隙消失條件。接下來,我們將結構改變為(BA)N(AB)N,研究在Lorentz model下單負材料異質結構多層體系的穿隧模式,我們發現M型穿隧模式。最後,我們使用結構為〖(ACB)〗^N的一維三元光子晶體,研究在Drude model下的光學特性,其中介質C為單負材料,我們發現三元光子晶體可得較寬光子能隙。
In this thesis, we study the optical properties for the one-dimensional (1D) photonic crystals (PCs) containing the single-negative (SNG) materials. There are three topic to be studied. In the first topic, we use transfer matrix method (TMM) to investigate of photonic band structure (PBS) and transmittance characteristics of 1D magnetic photonic crystal, (AB)N, where A is mu-negative (MNG) material and B is epsilon-negative (ENG) material. The permeability function of the MNG material is modeled by the Drude model and the Lorentz model as well. The condition of band gap vanishing is explored. In the second topic, we consider the photonic crystal heterostructure, (BA)N(AB)N, in which ENG and MNG materials are defined by the Lorentz model.In the third topic, we compare the PBS structures between the ternary PC of〖(ACB)〗^Nand the binary PCof 〖(AB)〗^N. The effect of layer C on the PBS will be numerically illustrated.
Other Identifiers: GN060148006S
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