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Title: 英語學習者對線上廣泛閱讀之感知: 以台灣青少年為例
Learners' Perceptions of Online Extensive English Reading: A Case Study on EFL Adolescents in Taiwan
Authors: 林至誠
Chih-Cheng Lin
Ya-Chun Yang
Keywords: 線上廣泛閱讀
online extensive reading
EFL learner autonomy
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract:   本研究旨在探究線上廣泛閱讀課程是否有益於青少年英語學習者對其自主學習的感知,並進一步的探討哪些因素能夠提升學生自主學習的感知,以及探索線上閱讀網站的哪些特色能吸引其持續閱讀電子書。   參與本研究的對象為北台灣某國中八年級的六個班級,一共有180名學生。其中三個班級的學生為實驗組,接受為期八週的線上廣泛閱讀課程;而另外三個班級的學生為控制組,並未接受此課程。實驗組的學生每週在學校有一堂課可自由挑選線上閱讀網站上的電子書來閱讀,放學後也可以自行上網閱讀。研究資料取自於學生的自主學習量表、閱讀紀錄、課後問卷以及訪談內容。   量化結果顯示,實驗組在接受了八週的閱讀課程後,其英語自主學習表現明顯優於控制組,顯示出此課程能夠提升青少年英語學習者對本身自主學習的感知。本研究並指出一些能增進實驗組對其自主學習感知的因素,包括給予學生挑選電子書的自由、合作學習以及對於閱讀的正面態度。此外,本研究亦顯示線上閱讀網站的獎勵制度、動畫、引人入勝的內容、聽力和提供不同種類和程度的電子書等特色能吸引學生持續閱讀電子書,這表示學習者的動機和意願在英語閱讀上扮演著不可或缺的角色。然而線上閱讀網站的獎勵制度模糊了某些學生的學習焦點,因此使用時要更為謹慎注意。
  This study aims to investigate if the online extensive reading program is beneficial for promoting EFL adolescents’ perceptions of their autonomy. A further exploration of what factors may contribute to fostering the perceptions of their autonomy and what features of the online reading platform may attract them to keep reading is also conducted.   180 eighth graders recruited from six intact classes in a junior high school in northern Taiwan were the participants in this study. Three of these classes were assigned to the experimental group, participating in the eight-week online extensive reading program, and the others were the control group, without receiving any treatment. Every week, the experimental group spent a class period reading and was encouraged to read as many e-books as possible on the online reading platform after school. To gather the quantitative and qualitative data, instruments including the autonomy scale, students’ weekly reading logs, the post-reading questionnaire and a semi-structured interview were utilized in this study.   The results of the autonomy scale indicated that the experimental group significantly outperformed the control group on their autonomous learning on the post-test, suggesting that the online extensive reading program may be helpful in reinforcing EFL adolescents’ perceptions of their autonomy; furthermore, some possible factors that may benefit the participants of the experimental group by fostering the perceptions of their autonomy were identified, including their self-selection, collaboration and positive attitude towards reading as well. The results also manifested that the popular features of the online reading platform -- the reward system, vivid animation, appealing content, listening input, diversity of topics and graded content -- may attract the students to keep reading e-books, showing that the learners’ motivation and willingness may play an essential role in English reading. However, instructors should be cautious while utilizing the reward system on the online reading platform since it may blur the learners’ focus in reading.
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