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Title: 使用專業語料庫增加籃球英語教材詞彙及搭配詞的豐富度
Using a Specialized Web Corpus to Enrich the Lexical Items and Collocations of a Basketball English Teaching Material
Authors: 陳浩然
Chen, Hao-Jan
Kao, Jui-Yu
Keywords: 專業英語
Web Corpus
Basketball English
Lexical Item List
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 近幾十年,專業英語在英語教學越來越受到重視。而專業英語的教材像是學術英文字表以及工程學英文字表也在教學以及研究上有許多貢獻。但是跟運動英語相關的研究卻比較少。在籃球方面,美國職業籃球一直是最廣為人知且最受歡迎的。台灣也有許多美國職籃的愛好者,他們喜歡看英語的直播比賽以及相關新聞。但是大多數人所學的一般英文卻沒有包含像是籃板球這樣的籃球英語專業用語,這使得他們在看英語直播比賽以及新聞時產生理解障礙。雖然市面上有些籃球英語的教科書,但都是由作者們依照自己的經驗以及知識所編寫而成,而沒有語料庫的輔助。鑒於此,本篇研究要以網路籃球英文語料庫來增進一本市售籃球英語教材裡面的單字,片語及搭配詞的豐富度。 本研究首先借助網路語料庫技術建置約七千萬字的大型籃球英文相關語料庫,語料庫的內容都來自網路上與籃球英語相關的文章。透過網路語料庫技術,本研究接著再取出籃球英語語料庫中的高頻率單字及片語跟一本籃球英語教材內的所有單字片語作比較。除了單字片語之外,本研究也挑選了一些籃球英語教材以及籃球英語語料庫共同的單字,並比較其搭配詞的異同。 在單字片語的比較方面,比較結果顯示出籃球英語語料庫中有許多和籃球英語相關的高頻率單字以及片語並沒有收錄在籃球英語教科書中。而在共同單字的搭配詞比較上。結果顯示網路籃球英語語料庫比籃球英語教材能提供更多搭配詞。除了比較之外,本研究也整合了一份籃球英語字表及詞表以供參考。 本研究不只期待能提供語料庫技術來增加籃球英語教材內容的豐富度,也希望藉由所編撰的籃球英語字表及詞表來幫助想教授籃球英語給學生的教師以及對籃球英語有興趣的自學者,讓他們不只能學習到市售教材的基本詞彙,也能藉由本研究開拓籃球英語的視野。 關鍵詞:專業英語、網路語料庫、籃球英語、詞彙表
Abstract In recent decades, ESP (English for Specific Purpose) has received more and more attention in TESOL. ESP teaching materials such as Coxhead’s Academic Word List and Ward’s Engineering Word List have contributed a lot to both pedagogy and research. However, few studies have been done on sports English. For basketball, NBA (National Basketball Association) is the most famous and popular league in the basketball filed in the world. Many Taiwanese basketball fans like to watch the live games broadcast in English. For people equipped with basic and general English competence, many technical terms and special usages like rebound often hinder their comprehension when watching English basketball games or related news. Though there are some teaching materials of basketball English like published books, those books are written by the authors’ intuition and personal experience without the support of a robust corpus. The purpose of the present thesis is to use a specialized web basketball English corpus to enrich the lexical items and collocations in a basketball English published book. To have a robust foundation, this thesis built a web basketball English corpus with the help of Sketch Engine. The corpus contains about 70 million words. With the functions of concordance software Sketch Engine, the present study compared the high frequent phrases and words in the basketball English corpus with the words and phrases in the teaching material Fast Break. In addition, the current study also compared the collocations of common words between the teaching material and the web corpus. For the words and phrases comparison, results indicated that there were many high frequent words and phrases in the web corpus not included in the basketball English teaching material. For the collocation comparison, the current study found that web corpus can provide more collocates than the teaching material. The present research also compiled a basketball English word list and phrase list based on the teaching material and the web basketball English corpus for reader’s reference. The findings of the present research are expected not only to benefit the basketball English teaching material by providing specialized web corpus as a way to enrich its content but also to offer helps to teachers who want to incorporate basketball English into their courses. People who want to learn basketball English by themselves can also refer to the present basketball English word list and phrase list to explore the basketball English. Key Words: ESP, Web Corpus, Basketball English, Lexical Item List
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