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Title: 國中教師對於〈十二年國民基本教育英語文課程綱要〉國中學習階段學習表現條目的看法
Teachers’ Perceptions of the Learning Performance Items in the 12-year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines for Junior High School English
Authors: 程玉秀
Cheng, Yuh-Show
Chuang, Yu-Ru
Keywords: 國中英語
Junior High School English
the 12-year Basic Education
English Curriculum Guidelines
Learning Performance Items
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 十二年國民基本教育已於103學年度實施,因應此教育制度而生的新課程綱要也即將在108學年度正式施行。〈十二年國民基本教育英語文課程綱要〉國中學習階段的特色在於加進了邏輯思考、判斷與創造力的培養以及加強策略學習。教師對於新課綱學習表現條目的看法會影響之後課程實施的效益,因此本研究旨在探討國中英語教師對於新課綱中的學習表現條目的看法。 來自台灣各縣市的163位國中英文教師參與問卷調查研究,其中17位教師願意接受事後訪談。教師針對五點量表問卷中的學習表現條目,分別圈選其重要性與可行性程度。事後訪談題目主要探討教師勾選相對之下較不重要或較不可行的學習表現條目的想法、實行上的困難和挑戰與對新課綱的建議。研究者使用了描述性數據、t檢定以及ANOVA 來分析教師對於每個學習表現條目之重要性與可行性的看法以及不同背景教師對於學校表現條目之重要性與可行性看法的差異。訪談資料則採用內容分析。 本研究發現教師大致認為各學習表現條目的重要性高於其可行性,且不同背景教師對於學校表現條目的重要性或可行性看法並無太大差異。訪談內容顯示教師普遍認為新課綱所陳列之學習表現條目非常完整,但因新課綱時數縮減、學生英語程度差異低落、生活經驗與學習習慣等因素之影響會造成實行上的困難。教師並建議有關當局舉辦相關的工作坊、研習以及提供觀課機會。依據本研究的主要發現,研究者對有關當局、國中英語教師及未來研究者提出具體建議。
The 12-year Basic Education has officially launched in the academic year 103. The new Guidelines will take effect in the academic year 108. The 12-year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines for Junior High School English features an inclusion of cultivating students’ critical thinking skills and an emphasis on language learning strategies. Teachers’ perceptions of the learning performance items may affect the effectiveness of the curriculum implementation. Thus, the present study aims to investigate teachers’ perceptions of the learning performance items in the new Guidelines. A total of 163 junior high school English teachers participated in the survey study. Seventeen of them accepted the invitation for follow-up interviews. Teachers rated the importance as well as the feasibility of each learning performance item on a five-point Likert scale. The follow-up interview questions explored teachers’ opinions of the learning performance items that received relatively low scores on importance and feasibility level, difficulties and challenges of implementing the items, and suggestions for the new Guidelines. The researcher used descriptive statistics, t-tests, and AVOVA to reveal teachers’ perceived importance and feasibility of the learning performance items and the effects of teachers’ backgrounds on their perceived importance and feasibility of the learning performance items. Interview data was analyzed by content analysis. The present study found that teachers generally perceived the importance level of the learning performance items higher than the feasibility level. Mostly, teachers with different backgrounds did not differ significantly in their perceptions of the learning performance items. The interview results showed that on the whole, teachers considered the learning performance items were comprehensive, but limited class periods, students’ low proficiency level, life experience, and learning habits might cause difficulties in realizing the goals. Teachers further suggested that the authorities concerned should hold related workshops and seminars, and provide classroom teaching demonstrations. Based on the major findings of the present study, the researcher provided suggestions to the authorities concerned, junior high school English teachers, and future researchers. Keywords: Junior High School English, the 12-year Basic Education, English Curriculum Guidelines, Learning Performance Items
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