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Title: 以折衷式路徑選擇演算法改善AODV路由協定效能之研究
Improving AODV Route Protocol Efficiency with Compromised Route Selection Algorithm
Authors: 莊謙本
Keywords: 無線隨意行動網路
compromised route selection algorithm
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 無線隨意行動網路(Mobile Ad hoc Networks:MANETs)是由一群可以隨意移動的無線行動設備所構成的網路,行動主機(mobile host)之間的通訊是藉由網路間鄰近的行動節點相互傳遞資料、交換訊息而完成。在此種網路中無線行動設備以其有限的無線電波頻寬、高速的移動性和有限的電量傳送訊號。它不含有任何有線或無線的網路基礎建設,也不需要集中式的管理;如基地台等。因此,在某些小區域或是無基地台支援的地區如戰地、災區等,ad-hoc無線網路就顯得更重要。 在無線隨意行動網路中,由於大部份的節點是處於移動的狀態,所以傳輸路徑的改變或中斷是相當頻繁的事件。因此尋找穩定之傳輸路徑是一項重要的議題。本論文以AODV路由協定為基礎,利用訊號強度係數、節點的電量係數、忙碌程度係數三個係數加以計算出路徑選擇值。將此值填入路由請求封包內傳送,作為建立路徑時目的地端判斷路徑選擇的因素,以選擇出穩定的主要路徑與備用路徑用。其效能在減少路由斷裂次數與延遲時間及增加封包的到達率。本論文特色在無外加傳送其他的控制封包,而選擇出穩定度高的路徑,減少整體網路控制封包的傳送負荷,而提高整體網路的效能。
Mobile ad hoc Networks (MANETs) is formed by a group of wireless equipment (node) that can move fast and no centralized management mechanism can be used. The communication between mobile nodes can be accomplished via the nearby mobile hosts interchanging messages. In case of the limited resources such as network bandwidth, memory capacity, and battery power, the efficiency of routing scheme in ad hoc networks becomes more important and challenging. In Mobile ad hoc Networks, most nodes are mobile and the routing path may be changed or disrupted quite often due to the movement of some hosts on the path. Therefore, finding a reliable routing path is an important issue. In this thesis, signal strength coefficient, node power coefficient and busy condition coefficients are calculated for route selection, to meet the request packet for establishing transmission path. Route selection value is calculated with above three coefficients for choosing steady routing path and backup path. It can reduce the break time and latency period, and increase packet arrival rate. The developed method in this thesis can choose the path with high stability and reduce the overall network load. The results of simulation showed that overall network performance has been improved.
Other Identifiers: GN0694730051
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