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Title: 以電磁推進機構設計與控制之三維精密定位平台
Design and Control of a 3-DOF Precision Positioner Utilizng Electromagnetic Mechanism
Authors: 陳美勇
Mei-Yung Chen
Sung-Yu Hsieh
Keywords: 電磁力驅動器
Electro-magnetic Actuator
Sub-micro Positioner
Flexure Mechanism
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本論文研究之目的是設計並實現一新型、長行程、三自由度運動的奈米級定位平台,此平台能夠整合並應用於原子力顯微鏡,來達成長行程與精密定位之需求。在本論文中,對於硬體架構、電磁致動器設計以及高效能的控制器設計都有完整介紹。本研究計畫即是基於本精密運動實驗室以前對於電磁驅動器研究之基礎,再結合撓性機構之設計,進行一創新型之次微米級微步進定位平台之研製作為本研究之主要課題。 本研究擬架構一電磁驅動式的次微米級微步進定位平台機構,引入機電整合(Mechatronics) 的設計概念,在設計與製造產品中,對於精密機械工程,電子控制以及系統思考三方面的協調合作設計,建立新型的次微米級微步進定位平台機構,輔以發展之PID控制理論,選用PID控制是歷史最悠久、生命力最強的基本控制方式,具有適應力強、原理簡單、強軔性好等優點,可以不必深究其模型結構,直接應用PID控制。 本論文所設計的平台在X與Y二維度之最大行程可達 ,且最高解析度為 ,平台整體尺度為 。平台主體係採用一體成型的XY二維撓性結構作為無乾摩擦力的引導機構;致動裝置採用三組類音圈馬達原理所設計之電磁致動器,利用直接驅動 軸向的排列方式,以達成三個自由度的運動。
This paper proposes a novel 3-DOFs positioner system with large travel ranges is presented, which can be integrated with atomic force microscope (AFM) for precise positioning. The design of the nanopositioner utilizes the monolithic parallel flexure mechanism with the built-in electromagnetic actuators and the fiber interferometers to achieve the 3-DOF motion. These reasons motivate us to design a new sub-micro positioner which drives by the electro-magnetic actuators to achieve the positioner for large-moving range and high-precision positioning performances. To improve the system response, we will design an embedded system which integrated sensor, driver and controller, all in one module. Based on the above arguments, this project is designed to establish a sub-micro positioner which driven by 『mechatronics』 concept. The system can achieve rapid, high precision positioning by using some kind of specifically developed control laws. The works of this project is organized as follows. Then, due to the naturally stable behavior and parameter uncertainties in this system, an PID controller is proposed to guarantee the stabilities of all DOFs both in regulation and tracking. The concept of this system intends to achieve three goals: the first one is large traveling range within . The second is precision positioning within , and its size is as compact as . In this system, totally there are three sub-systems composed of platform, sensor, and actuator. By discussing the magnetic force characteristics between permanent magnet (PM) and coil, the general model of this system with complete DOFs is derived and analyzed.
Other Identifiers: GN0694700422
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