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Title: 以色散補償技術增進光纖傳輸效能之研究
Improving the Performance of Optical Fiber Communication with Dispersion Compensation Technique
Authors: 莊謙本
Chien Pen, Chuang
Po Chou, Lai
Bo Long, Lin
Keywords: 高密度分波多工系統
Dense wavelength division multiplexer
single mode fiber
dispersion compensation fiber
non-zero dispersion shift fiber
reverse dispersion fiber
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本論文主要探討在10Gbit/s、十六通道、通道間距為0.4nm的高密度分波多工系統中,利用各種色散補償光纖與不同的編碼方式來增進系統之效能。本論文對於兩個系統有詳細的描述,系統Ⅰ用來敘述色散光纖架構,系統Ⅱ用來敘述信號編碼架構。 在系統Ⅰ中,分別以單模光纖搭配色散補償光纖、非零色散位移光纖搭配色散補償光纖、單模光纖搭配反向色散光纖、非零色散位移光纖搭配反向色散光纖之四種光纖補償架構,在10Gbit/s、十六通道、通道間距為0.4nm的高密度分波多工系統中,作為改善光纖傳輸效能。 在系統Ⅱ中,根據系統Ⅰ之模擬結果,分別比較不歸零碼、歸零碼及曼徹斯特碼等三種編碼方式在系統效能上的差異。 因此,此模擬結果能作為系統設計者,在未來發展的海底光纜或長距離的光纖通信架構中,做為設計時的參考依據。
The major purpose of this thesis is to improve the efficiency of fiber transmission using different chromatic dispersion fibers and signal encoding in the 10 Gbit/s DWDM system which has sixteen channels and channel spacing is 0.4nm. This thesis has detailed description about two chromatic dispersion compensation systems, the systemⅠ explain about chromatic dispersion fiber architecture and the systemⅡ explain about signal encoding architecture. In the systemⅠ, the four kinds of compensable optical fiber architectures SMF+DCF, NZDSF+DCF, SMF+RDF, and NZDSF+RDF were used in 10 Gbit/s DWDM system which has sixteen channels and channel spacing is 0.4nm respectively. In the system Ⅱ, based on the simulation results of system Ⅰ to compare the system performance using NRZ, RZ, and Manchester encoding respectively. Therefore, the simulation results can help the designer for developing submarine optical fiber or long distance optical fiber communication system in the future.
Other Identifiers: GN0693730226
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