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dc.contributorLung-Sheng Leeen_US
dc.contributor.authorHsiu-Chuan Chiuen_US
dc.description.abstract情緒勞務可被視為一種服務業的商品,也可以融入職務角色,形成專業的一環。過往的情緒勞務研究多透過質化方法研究不同職類的情緒勞務歷程,或量化方法評估影響情緒勞務表達的前因及結果。形成理論模式,多以高情緒勞務工作者為樣本。Spa為因應市場對紓壓商品需求而產生,而Spa技術人員承受高度身心勞務,除須擅長按摩技術外,需透過情緒勞務滿足顧客的情感需求,建立其忠誠度。本研究以服務時間較長、與顧客接觸較多和互動較深的Day Spa女性技術人員為樣本,探究其社會技能、組織承諾、情緒勞務與工作績效關係及驗證本研究預設的情緒勞務理論模式。各變項所需資料得自425份有效問卷。資料經迴歸分析結果顯示,Spa技術人員的社會技能可以正向預測工作績效,和正向預測情緒勞務的淺層演出、深層演出層面。Spa技術人員的組織承諾能正向預測工作績效,和正向預測情緒勞務的淺層演出、深層演出層面。此外,Spa技術人員情緒勞務的情緒勞務的淺層演出、深層演出層面,在社會技能及組織承諾與工作績效之間,有部份中介效果。因此本研究預設的情緒勞務理論模式獲得驗證。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractEmotional labor is a commodity of the service industry, and is a part of professionalism as it is integrated into the job function. Past research on emotional labor mostly studied emotional labor process of different jobs by qualitative method or evaluated the antecedent and outcome of expression of emotional labor by quantitative method. Most of theoretical models treated workers with high emotional labor as samples. Spa is a service created in response to the market demand for relaxation products. Spa technicians work under a high demand of physical and mental labor. They need to have excellent massage skills, and satisfy customers’ emotional needs by emotional labor to construct their loyalty. This study treated Day Spa female technicians who have long service time and frequent contact with customers as samples in order to explore the relationship among their social skills, organizational commitment, emotional labor and job performance. The results were expected to validate the theoretical model of emotional labor established by this study. Data of variables were based on 425 valid questionnaires. According to result of regression analysis, Spa technicians’ social skill can positively predict job performance and positively predict surface acting and deep acting of emotional labor. Their organizational commitment can positively predict job performance and positively predict surface acting and deep acting of emotional labor. In addition, their surface acting and deep acting of emotional labor has partial moderating effect among social skills, organizational commitment and job performance. Thus, the theoretical model of emotional labor established by this study is validated.en_US
dc.subjectSpa Technicianen_US
dc.subjectSocial Skillen_US
dc.subjectOrganizational Commitmenten_US
dc.subjectEmotional Laboren_US
dc.subjectJob Performanceen_US
dc.titleStudy on Relationship Among Spa Technicians’ Social Skill, Organizational Commitment, Emotional Labor and Job Performanceen_US
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