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Title: 台灣IC設計產業知識管理能力與經營績效之關係:專利分析觀點
Relationship between Knowledge Management Capability and Operating Performance in Taiwan IC Design Industry: A Patent Analysis Perspective.
Authors: 余鑑
Yu Chien
Yu Chin-Chen
Chiang Cheng- Yu
Keywords: 知識管理能力
knowledge management capability
operating performance
patent analysis
Taiwan IC design industry
Panel Data
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 知識經濟時代的來臨,顛覆了許多傳統經濟的概念,過去被視為廠商重要競爭優勢之有形資源,如土地及資本,已被無形資源的知識所取代,故本研究蒐集台灣IC設計產業45家樣本廠商於2002年至2007年各國專利資料庫及財務資料庫之年度資料,以專利分析的觀點衡量知識管理能力的主要不同構面,並採用計量經濟模型,以兼具時間數列與橫斷面之追蹤資料(Panel Data)探討知識管理能力與經營績效的關係。另外,本研究以集群分析、區別分析及變異數分析等統計方法將產業內知識管理能力分為不同群組,每一群組代表不同的知識管理能力構面特性類別,並探討各群組與經營績效之關係,同時進一步觀察不同時期,產業內個別廠商於所屬群組的變動情形及其與經營績效的關係。本研究主要的結論如下: 一、本研究知識管理能力主要由五個能力構面所組成,並彙整出九個衡量指標。 二、臺灣IC設計產業知識管理能力的各能力構面與經營績效均有顯著性關係。 三、臺灣IC設計產業知識管理能力分成四個群組,其中以「知識內部創造與保護能力群組」經營績效表現居於領先地位。 四、臺灣IC設計產業個別廠商不同時期於所屬知識管理能力群組變動比率很高,其中廠商屬於沒有變動或是變動的群組,都以「知識內部創造與保護能力群組」經營績效表現最佳。
In the era of knowledge economy, intangible resources, especially knowledge, have replaced the tangible resources, such as land and capital and become the most important source of competitive advantages. This study examines 45 firms in Taiwan IC design industry by using panel data during 2002-2007 and tries to study on the relationship between knowledge management capability and operating performance by patent analysis. Patents data were obtained from databases, including all the patents listed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO), European Patent Office(EPO), Taiwan Patent Network(TWPAT), China Patent Office(CPO), Japan Patent Office(JPO). The data of operating performance indicators come from TEJ(Taiwan Economic Journal) database. This research uses two-step cluster analysis, discriminant analysis and ANOVA analysis to classify the major groups of knowledge management capability in Taiwan IC design industry and studies the relationship between these groups and their operating performances. Additionally, it also inquires into the evolutions of these groups and their corresponding operating performances in different periods. The conclusions of this research are as follows : 1. Knowledge management capability is composed of five dimensions and is measured by nine indicators. 2. There are significant relationships between five dimensions of knowledge management capability and operating performance. 3. Taiwan IC design industry can be classified into four knowledge management capability groups. The group of creation and protection is the leading one in operating performance. 4. In terms of evolutionary analysis, we find many firms move among different groups in different periods. The group of creation and protection is the leading group of the operating performance in all different periods.
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