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dc.contributorLung-Sheng, Leeen_US
dc.contributor.authorMei-Liang, Chengen_US
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between and among junior high school in Science and Technology Learning Area teacher’s curriculum leadership, organizational commitment, and teaching effectiveness. This study adopts the methods of questionnaires. Data were collected from 367 teachers, teaching in 48 junior high school in Taiwan. There’re 289 effective questionnaires were got back. The return rate was 78.7%. The following methods: descriptive statistical analysis, Pearson’s correlation analysis, analysis of variance, multiple stepwise regression analysis, SEM etc. are adopted in the analysis of statistics. After making statistics and analysis, this research drew the following conclusions: 1. Science and Technology teachers’ curriculum leadership, organizational commitment, and teaching effectiveness are good. There’re specialty confidence and respect, obligation introspection and subjects teaching ability are best. 2.The different gender background variable on teachers’ curriculum leadership, teachers’ organizational commitment, and teachers’ teaching effectiveness are statistically significant. The different teacher-student ratio, job position background variables on teachers’ organizational commitment are statistically significant, too. The curriculum leadership and organizational commitment of the high score group is stronger than that of the low score group on the teachers’ teaching effectiveness. 3.The teachers’ curriculum leadership, teachers’ organizational commitment, and teachers’ teaching effectiveness are positive correlation. 4.The obligation introspection, specialty growth, specialty confidence and respect can be used to effectively predict the teachers’ teaching effectiveness. 5.The teachers’ organizational commitment have significant mediated affected between teachers’ curriculum leadership and teachers’ teaching effectiveness.en_US
dc.subjectscience and technology (S&T) learning areaen_US
dc.subjectcurriculum leadershipen_US
dc.subjectorganizational commitmenten_US
dc.subjectteaching effectivenessen_US
dc.titleA Study of the Relationships Among Curriculum Leadership, Organizational Commitment and Teaching Effectiveness of Junior-High-School Science and Technology Teachersen_US
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