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Title: 以大型多點觸控螢幕進行數位遊戲式協同學習活動之研究
The research of using large multi-touch screen in a digital game-based collaborative learning activity
Authors: 蕭顯勝
Hisao, Hsien-Sheng
Chang, Chih-Chun
Keywords: 大型多點觸控螢幕
Large Multi-Touch Screen
Collaborative Learning
Digital Games-Based Learning
Learning achievement
Learning retention
Activity theory
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 大型多點觸控螢幕能夠讓多人同時於一個顯示螢幕上進行操作。而若大型多點觸控螢幕結合數位遊戲運用在教學上,不僅可以吸引學習者的注意力,有效增加學習者動機、更可以在悅趣化的學習中實現協同學習。 在數位遊戲協同學習活動的設計上,使用活動理論作為框架能夠以更社會文化的角度切入觀察整個活動的進行,因為從活動理論的觀點進行數位遊戲設計能夠包含此遊戲活動中遊戲與環境的各項因素。因此本研究以活動理論為活動設計之基礎,建置一數位遊戲協同學習系統。並以準實驗設計進行教學實驗。除探討學習者之學習成效及學習保留外,並且將學習者之學習行為紀錄以探討學習行為與學習成效與保留之相關,以深入了解於此活動進行學習之情況。 研究結果表明,透過大型多點觸控螢幕進行數位遊戲式的協同學習將能夠讓學習者有更多討論互動的機會,並且彼此在遊戲中經過面對面的討論及探索獲得知識,並且因此對學習者在電學上的學習成效及學習保留有所幫助。
Large multi-touch screen allows multi-users operate computer in the same screen at the same time. And if use a large multi-touch screen with digital games in education, it can not only attract the attention of students, even can effectively increase student’s motivation and interest, and implementing collaborative learning in joyful-learning society. In the digital game-based collaborative learning activity design, using activity theory as a framework can set the activity in a more socio-culture vision, because in the activity theory vision, we can build the digital game including the key factors of activity content and environment. Therefore, this research uses activity theory as a basis to build a digital game-based collaborative learning activity, and implementing study experiment. In this research, we not only discussed learning achievement and learning retention, and recorded students learning behavior to explore the relation of learning behavior, learning achievement, and learning retention. The results showed that students could have more chances to discuss problems, get knowledge in the process of discussion and exploration in the digital-game collaborative learning activity by the large multi-touch screen, and it could raise the achievement and retention of electricity learning.
Other Identifiers: GN0698710475
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