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Title: 員工知覺企業公民、組織承諾與組織公民行為之關係
A Study of Relationship among Corporate Citizenship,Organization Commitment and Organization Citizenship Behavior
Authors: 李隆盛
Lung-Sheng Lee
Wan-yen Yu
Keywords: 企業公民
corporate citizenship
organizational commitment
organizational citizenship behavior
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 幾年來,由於環保意識的抬頭、消費者權益受重視和企業永續發展需求,使得員工知覺的企業公民和組織公民行為愈來愈被重視,本研究目的在了解知覺企業公民、員工的組織承諾與組織公民行為的關係。透過問卷調查法,針對製造業E公司員工發放網路問卷,回收88份,針對直銷業N公司發放160份紙本問卷,回收103份,合計有效回收191份。統計分析結果顯示(1)員工知覺企業公民實踐與組織承諾有顯著正相關;(2)員工的組織承諾與組織公民行為有顯著的正相關;(3)員工知覺企業公民實踐和組織公民行為也有顯著的正相關;以及組織承諾在員工實踐企業公民與組織公民行為之間有完全中介效果。
In recent years, due to the rise of environmental awareness, consumer rights, sustainable development needs of enterprise, enabling employees perception of corporate citizenship and organizational citizenship behavior has been increasingly mphasized. The purpose of this study was to explore the relation among corporate citizenship, organization commitment and organization citizenship behavior. Questionnaire survey method was employed to attain the purpose. The questionnaires sent to the employees in manufacturing company E via Internet were returned 88 valid ones; and, the 160 printed questionnaires directly sent the employees in direct sales company N were returned 103 ones. In total, there were 191 valid questionnaires. As a result of statistical analyses on data collected, the following findings are obtained. 1. Employee’s perceived corporate citizenship practices and organizational commitment are significantly positive correlated. 2. Employee’s organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behaviors have a significant and positive correlation. 3. Employee’s perceived corporate citizenship practices of organizational citizenship behavior has a significant and positive correlation. 4. Organizational commitment is a complete mediation between employee’s perceived corporate citizenship and organizational citizenship behavior.
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